i'm still alive! i promise! school has been bogging me down like crazy whoa. friday i spent 7 hours on campus, saturday i spent 5, and today i spent 10. all in the name of a good grade! tomorrow morning i'll sit down with jeff and weigh my options. to drop flash or to not drop flash. hmmm... followed by an intense work period in web 2 (information architecture) and then serious presentations in advertising. my campaign is done and mounted, though i could push the concept a little farther and tweak it and polish it.. my brain is fried. if i have time tomorrow i may because im thinking of skipping holistic wellness at 9am haha oops!

i painted my bedside table a baby pink (its called "sweet pea") and its adorable. though it looks a little silly without my table cloth so i may try to find some old nightstands, etc, and then just paint them so i can have more color :) i'm getting crazy with my spray paint as of late. here are some photos from my iphone just for good measure.

oh, last night bryan and i hung up 5 strands of twinkle lights out back. we might add 2 more but ill show you the deck so far!

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