paper heart.

i ventured up to east nashville yesterday evening and hung out with my friend Craig. we did a little music swapping and he drove around in my car haha we watched a few episodes of The Office and then met his friend Matt at the movie theater in Green Hills to see Paper Heart. it was really cute. I enjoyed it but it was different from what i expected. i loved the hand made puppets and dolls in the scenes of the movie. but charlyne yi is adorable and so awkward, i just really love her. she's one of those girls who you can definitely relate to. at least i can. gracious me, we all know i can be awkward like no other. but anywhoo, i enjoyed it. it was a good time and you should go see it if given the opportunity. but i still agree with craig... 500 days of summer was better. but my heart belongs to zooey deschanel and i dont care how gay that is :)

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