eat, pray, love.

i had every intention of clicking "purchase" today on for Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia" but Oh My Goodness! The Reviews! The first 3 I read were pure crap. One star, all of them talk about how narcassistic she is, etc. Granted i could have bought it (and had it shipped!) for $4 but now i'm not sure if i want to take the time. I've read so many excerpts from the book that are just... amazing. but if the case is similar to Zoe Trope's "Please Don't Kill The Freshman" (great pieces, but surrounded by a load of crap) then i dont wan't to read it. maybe i'll keep it on my future reading list. but for now... for now i'll just pass it by.

I've got about 5 books (3 for pleasure, 2 for graphic design/business) that i have been wanting to read anyway... and all 5 are arranged nicely on my bookshelf and bedside table. Maybe I should get to those first.

I really love livin where I do.. in downtown franklin. the train is just a stone's throw from my bedroom and i love when it comes by. sometimes, usually Monday nights, it blows through at half past midnight. that's an amazing sound to go to sleep to.

I was woken up early this morning by a phone call I didnt necessarily want to get. but i did and i couldn't go back to sleep so Georgia and I went outside to enjoy this amazing September air and i had a nice little chat with my mother over the phone. i'll be getting ready soon and heading to campus. i dont have any classes on wednesday but theres a Student Government (SGA) meeting today.

I really want to invest in a warm and cozy circle scarf this season. something to wear with my motorcycle jacket. i broke out my white VEGAN!! "leather" motorcycle jacket yesterday i got back in California last year and it was heaven. this weather makes me want to wake up early, bundle up with a coffee mug in hand and go for a morning walk. I love feeling inspired.

This is becoming long. Sorry it was much overdue.



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  2. It sounds so ridiculous but: I just finished reading that book a week or two ago. I'd been reading it for the 3 weeks directly following what felt like the worst breakup possible. That book was so good, it carried me through the worst of that time and I'm still going back to excerpts that I highlighted to keep carrying me through on that same good wave. She's just so real and and easy to relate to. She's honest and funny and gives you such good perspective. If you don't read it now, read it someday for sure.

  3. I'll definitely keep this in mind. I was so disappointed that those reviews. Maybe I'll ive it the benefit of teh doubt and add it to my list :)


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