anna sui.

anna sui for target hit stores two days ago on september 13th. directly after this class, i'm jetting to one of the two targets in franklin/cool springs and i'm going to scour the racks for the dress on the far left. GET IN MY LIFE, ANNA SUI! wish me luck.

edit: holy balls they are not cheap! $70-ish per dress! i dont care, i'll pay it for that one. but that one alone. none of the others really struck a chord with me. hmmm...

edit edit: after trips to multiple targets and phone calls to every other one in the middle tennessee area, not a single store has the dress i'm after. i am heartbroken. anyone know where to find it online? 4 of the 19 pieces aren't on the target site :(


  1. That's the one I was most in love with too, however upon seeing it Sunday morning at the white bridge rd Target in nashville, it was really not worth 70 dollars based on the my little opinion. Have you checked that Target? Maybe they still have it!

  2. really?! gah i was still holding out hope! i do believe i called them and they said nada! but ill try again tomorrow because im determined! but also totally bummed on it not being amazing :(


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