i just got an insane surge of creativity to do something (as usual) totally unrelated to school and projects. i was at hobby lobby buying twinkle lights for our back deck when i happened upon some cut and sanded blank wood shapes.. like the beveled ovals, etc. i bought 4 or 5 different ones (different sizes and shapes) as well as one large oval piece that looks like it was cut directly across a tree trunk. they were really really cheap surprisingly (99 cents or $1.49)! nice cheap things to experiment with. it always helps me to get my mind out of the computer and into real life art. i stocked up on 'easter egg' color (as adam calls them) spray paints (pastel pink, blue, mint green, lavender & pale yellow) & proceeded to paint all but the large one. i have tons of lace and buttons and paints. i'll apply all of these crafty things to them and see what i come up with.

granted, tomorrow i should work on flash (and i will), but boy oh boy i hope i get time to squeeze in a little hands-on fun. i'm going to do collages and custom paintings on them so we'll see what i can come up with. i love surges like this! although they come at the worst times! always preventing me from getting "real" school work done. hmph. oh well. i also bought 20 sheets of felt in various colors so im going to do a little hand stitching and make some autumn leaves into garland, etc etc. maybe even some appliques for my wood pieces! ;dkj;alsfjs! SO EXCITED!

now i have to really get ready to head off to work. gosh, i really just want to stay at home and be crafty all night. ugh, sometimes responsibility sucks :) goodnight all! xo

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