oh today will be a good day! last night was fun but ended horribly. my friend tony came over and hung out around 8pm. bryan, tony, morgan and i all sat outside on the deck and listened to music and talked. after a while we headed indoors and watched america's funniest home videos and i had an onset of THE WORST MIGRAINE OF MY LIFE! i'm talking a headache that rendered me utterly useless. i've been getting many many more migraines than normal recently. it was to the point it hurt to stand up and all i could think about was vomitting. (tmi, i realize, sorry!)... i took a little bit of medication and prayed for it to flee. after a while i just couldn't take it anymore and announced to the company that i needed to go to bed. luckily they could see it in my face that i was terribly ill. i was in bed no later than 10:30pm... a huge feat for me. i left georgia in her "room" and i slept alone for fear that i was literally dying haha so overdramatic, i realize, but it was horrible. luckily 11 hours of sleep proved to be the greatest remedy and i woke up feeling much better. but i had to rush to school to do homework that was due today because i didn't think i'd make it to class.

class was fine, now i'm at panera leeching on some internetz and trying to be productive. i always end up blogging rather than doing anything worth any merit. tonight will be a fun night for many reasons.
  1. VEGAN COOKING NIGHT! tonight bryan, elle, and i (tony was supposed to come but he has to work... so i invited craig but he may have prior plans) will cook a yummy vegan pasta bake! zucchini, squash, red peppers, yummy whole grain pasta and mushrooms! they're two of my nearest and dearest so i'm very excited for that!
  2. THE OFFICE SEASON 6 PREMIER! need i say more?!?!?!?! after leaving us with the pam being pregnant cliffhanger last season, i'm so so pumped for this! oh my!
  3. POSSIBLY GETTING HELP ON FLASH FROM ELLE: elle loves flash. i want to love flash. my overwhelmed brain is having a hard time with the concept. elle to the rescue!
but alas, it is already approaching 4pm and i need to be home by 6 to prepare for the festivities so work i must do! DON'T FORGET! I'M SELLING A TON OF CLOTHING! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT BY GOING HERE! SHOOT ME AN EMAIL AT KAELAHSCLOSET@GMAIL.COM WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR IF YOU WANNA BUY! YAY!

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