book swap.

some friends of mine made mention of a clothing swap the other day and while those are fun and such, i have more than enough clothing. instead, i'm thinking of a BOOK SWAP! i have several books that i've read once or more and i'm ready to give them to a new home, hopefully in exchange for a book i have yet to read. while i'll be keeping my nerd section intact (re: graphic design & astrology books), i'm ready and willing to say bon voyage to my sophie kinsellas, my anna maxteds, my silly little books and such.

if anyone is interested in a book swap, feel free to send me an email at KAELAHBEE@GMAIL.COM or you can reply below :) time for me do to an inventory check!

if several people want to do it, maybe we could make it a group effort. if only one or two are interested, we'll keep it personal and via email, etc. i need to get my read on!

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  1. This sounds like a great idea!!! My email is


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