taylor swift.

last night i took off work and got ready with katie, caitlin and tiffany for the taylor swift concert. we met up at katie's apartment and went to dinner. we ate at logan's beforehand and then went to the show. we had floor seats and we were all dressed up so cute. everyone at dinner was telling us how adorable we looked haha 4 girls in cute dresses and cowboy boots. gotta love it.

i'm not a huge country music fan but the more i listen to certain bands (more of the pop/alt country bands) the more it sounds like home. Gloriana was the first opening band. i do love their song "wild at heart" so it was a treat to see them. i did enjoy their set. then was kellie pickler! ask anyone, i love "red high heels". she sounds amazing live. she seriously has an incredible voice. she signed autographs through her whole set and never missed a beat. then it was the big time, taylor swift. we were all giddy like little school girls. her set was awesome, many costume changes, paper heart confetti and rain at the end. she's come a long way as a performer and it was a lot of fun to see her. at one point she came back to our section and she was literally performing 5 feet from us. then afterwards we all got to grab her as she went by and say something to her, etc etc. *cue fangirl moment* haha

i did fall in love last night however. oh my word. her guitar tech. tight black jeans, an awesome gray button-up, boots, dark strawberry blonde curly hair and covered head to toe in tattoos. carpe diem filled with rasta gradient, etc. i do believe we are meant for each other hahahaha kidding of course, but not really. :)

overall it was a lot of fun and today my voice is a little shot from singing along so loudly. definitely a memorable experience and im glad all of us ladies went.

as for today, i think i may go to hohenwald for a few hours. then again, i may be responsible and go to panera and do homework... but probably not. ha



  1. Poor sweet little Taylor Swift, Kanye can be such a jackass.

  2. i haven't seen what happened yet! im so behind the times!


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