last night i was at wal-mart seeing Bryan before i had to head to work and we had just got done goofing around and talking, i was walking down the aisle out of the store. these 2 girls stopped me and asked if they could talk to me for a moment, i obliged. they were very sweet Christian girls and said they felt God calling to me because i had a heavy heart about a situation. she went into detail to say God knew i was fighting a hard battle with a decision and the fear that someone i love very very much was going to let me down and disappoint me. it couldn't have been more spot on. as i was walking into the store i was on the phone with someone expressing my concern for a certain situation. for the sake of keeping this post relatively short i'll just say that i was very touched by these two amazing girls and before i left the three of us prayed aloud... right there in the middle of the aisle in front of hardware and paint. it was a situation that really put my heart at ease and helped me realize the decision i had to make but it also gave me the strength to make that said decision without fear of disappointing anyone else. i still feel very touched by the experience and i prayed in my car before heading into work and thanked God for these two beautiful girls and for Him reaching out to me exactly when i needed Him to.

i typically refrain from posting religious entries simply just so i dont offend anyone or anything of the sort, though it should really be of no concern. regardless of your religion or lack thereof, i felt it was worth of being blogged about. :)

another situation that came to head today was when i spoke to my mother on the phone. i called her and she told me that a friend who would always come into George's was killed last night. his nickname was "10-4" (ten four) and he was mentally handicapped. he was a kind soul though and he would rack the balls for the pool tournaments, etc. he doesn't drive due to his disability. last night as he was walking home (in the middle of town, mind you), a car struck him and drove off. TenFour was killed by a hit and run. i know my mom is taking it pretty hard because i could hear it in her voice. i had never even met the man but i had heard my parents talk so kindly of him many times, thus resulting in me tearing up on the phone while i spoke to her. the audacity of someone to just hit a man and drive off! my heart goes out to everyone who was close to TenFour and they will all be in my prayers. it seems as though his family has sort of "disowned" him in a way and they have very little to do with him because of his disability and the fact that they saw him as an alcoholic. whether he was or he wasn't, that isn't of importance. my mom bought a yellow rose and hung it above his picture over at George's and a jar for donations and such has been placed in there. she said news channel 4 would be covering it at 5pm but i was unable to see it. she also said there has been an arrest made and the man claimed he thought he "hit a deer"... i'm sure we all know the difference between a deer and a human being. i do hope justice is served.

sorry for all of the heavy stuff! it's a saturday night and i'm getting ready to head to the art store and then off to work! i managed to get so much homework done today. very very happy.


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