georgia goes to the vet.

okay, so i just studied for art history for THREE HOURS. and i didnt comprehend a darn thing i read or studied the whole time. little ol' Georgia was laying beside me snoring so loud i thought my phone was vibrating. stinky little thing needs a bath this weekend! she went to the vet today and got 3 shots. she wasn't very happy with that but but i did manage to take some adorable photos of her. i swear i have hundreds of pictures of her on my iphone... such a mommy thing to do haha

i hope i do well on this test tomorrow. im almost sure that i wont... i can't remember the dates of all of these things. im going to wake up at 7 and go straight to school, looking a hot mess and all. just to try and cram all of it in again one last time. so so so nervous. i've only ever gotten a B at school... i dont necessarily need another one. today jeff (my department chair) and i worked out my schedule until i graduate (next december!). 30 more credit hours to go! 9 classes left! oh man oh man! it dawned on me yesterday that i'm going to graduate and have to get a real job. SCARY!

this is what woke me up at 7am. she curled up like a cat around the top of my head. it resulted in her taking my pillow and me having to move to the other side of the bed and use other pillows because it was clear that she was not going to budge.

its about time for me to get into bed. dream safe, loves <3

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