Sunday Spotlight - Prop Stylist: Lo Bjurulf

I'm not sure if this will be a for-sure weekly feature here at Little Chief Honeybee, but I like the idea of it. So I'm going to give it a go and see how it fairs. I'm trying to really reign in all of the features and such so this little blog isn't all over the place, but let's be honest, my brain is all over the place. I can't seem to tie myself down to one "niche" market of blogging. But why should I have to?! I know many bloggers refuse to touch on beauty and makeup because they're a fashion blog, or refuse to show you what they wore because they're a craft blog. I'm a lifestyle blog and my lifestyle is a big hodgepodge. So it shall be! 

Anyway, I came across these beautiful photos of Swedish prop stylist, Lo Bjurulf's work and I was just blown away! What a fun job! I dare say there's no way you could walk away without feeling inspired.

I think visual merchandising and prop styling is such a fun and exciting job! Hard, yes, but rewarding! I love that Anthropologie employees one full-time interior designer at each brick-and-mortar store just to style the store and window displays! Yes please! (I think Anthro should come out with a book featuring photos of their best window displays since every store has a different one! I'd scoop that up in a heartbeat!)

What do you think of Lo's work?


  1. I loved working at Anthro just to take part in the visual merchandising team whenever they had room. I was part of the opening team for the Austin Anthro and It was so cool sewing together the fun garland pieces that they made all by hand. Urban Outfitters also has a full-time employee at every store, a "Display Artist", that focuses %100 on window displays and building the fun quirky displays around the store. It's an amazing company to work for - at least if you get to work on that side of the store.

  2. These are gorgeous, I just love anything all white. Ooh, and you may have seen my tweet about it but I made the garlic naan pizzas you blogged about ages ago and they were SO yummy so thanks for the recipe! (I put a snap of them on my blog and a link back to the recipe.) You should blog about another one of your yummy dinners again soon!

  3. My first thought was "I love pretty things"... everything creates such a "pretty" feel.

  4. Wow, all white. That must have been a bitch to photograph.
    These are all so lovely.

  5. I personally prefer blogs that are a bit all over the place. Although I like some of your features, I'd rather your blog was about YOU than focusing on other people (even if they are super talented!). That's just my two cents.

  6. vanessa: that's so rad!

    rosie: yes i did! looked so yummy! glad you tried it out! :D mike has another easy and fabulous one coming up if i could ever get him to just write it! the photos he took are divine so stay tuned! :D

    emma: i totally know what you mean. i personally feel as though personal blogs are narcissistic in themselves and i'd rather use mine as a podium for positivity and inspiration. i dont mind talking about myself, but i've noticed a subconscious shift in the fact that i dont blog about myself nearly as much! i dont know why! it was never a decision i made but i guess i dont feel like everyone wants to read what i ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner... but then again maybe thats why they subscribed! i might have to do a little anonymous survey! haha


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