Outfit Post : Wednesday, September 15

Yesterday did not go as planned... in any sense of the word. Everything fell apart early on. I had an epic "Dude, Where's my car?" experience as I had forgotten my car in Franklin the night before. Yes, I forgot my car. How? Well Mike and I went car hunting on Monday evening and I met him in Franklin. We left my car and went to Nashville, test drove some stuff and came back. We bypassed Franklin on the way home and it didn't occur to me until yesterday morning as I was late for class and I ran out, looked around in a daze and forgot where my car was. Mike rushed me to campus, I went to my first class (after InDesign wouldn't cooperate and I couldn't churn out the PDF I needed) and then I sat around until my second class. Alex took me to my car afterwards and the day went a little more smoothly. 

Then today I woke up, rushed to Merissa's house (like 40 minutes away), hopped in her car so we could rush to Music Row to a design company tour. We were late, we couldn't find parking. Oh my. Now I'm home, on the couch, safe and sound next to a snoozing puppy trying to finish revisions on a paper that is due tomorrow and find a proper hotel for Asheville next month (provided we are able to go).

I wore a new dress today. I picked it up at Urban Outfitters the other day and it fit like a dream. Also sporting the new white cardigan I got from Target. Oh I love cardigans! I feel like I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it in. So many giveaways to get up and so many posts. I should do this all weeks in advance!

Here are a few photos until I have this week's Wedding Wednesday post live! (Note the greasy hair and the black roots! Oh my! That time already?!?!)

dress: cooperativ via urban outfitters. cardigan: target. flats: kmart


  1. Wow sounds like y'all were bu-sy. For real! Hahaha oh my gosh I can not believe your lost you car girl! lol. Your outfit is gorgeous, that dress look gorgeous on you! :)


  2. I've done that! Multiple times!! My boyfriend and I forgot his car at my job when we met there to go apartment hunting together, and another time when we met to grab dinner. Terrible!

  3. I've lost my car before too! Not lately, since I haven't gone anywhere of note... cute outfit! I'm a sucker for brass buttons.

  4. Wo you had such a chaotic day! I get so stressed when things don't go exactly as planned. :(. I don't blow up or anything but I get really quiet and I just want to run away haha.

    You look so fabulous! That first photo is sooooo gorgeous. You are a doll! That dress is super duper flattering on you! Love love love.

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy.blogspot.com

  5. Oh I love that cardigan! The ruffles are so cute!

  6. you are so damn cute! per usual! i love your outfit!!!


  7. Urban Outfitters? I'm a curvy gal myself and can rarely find anything there that fits. It's a cute dress, maybe I should go try one on!

  8. Urban Outfitters? I'm a curvy gal myself and can rarely find anything there that fits. It's a cute dress, maybe I should go try one on!

  9. Jigsaw: i typically wear a medium in dresses at UO, but amazingly enough this dress is a size FOUR! (I dont know how it fits or why, but it fits like a glove. i love it so much)

  10. Sounds like you had a crazy day. Your outfit is super cute, really like the cardigan. I love your hair too.

  11. do not worry.
    you not the only one.
    i have forgotten my car before.
    like always, you are absolutely adorable.

  12. You should defo do more close up's - I agree that first picture is absolutely stunning! I was all wow when I saw it :) haha. Lovely girlie. Aw man, if only cars could drive themselves home for us eh? xx


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