Things I Love Thursday

Ooh la la! The wind is picking up, the sun is setting much earlier, and the pumpkin-flavored treats are plentiful. It's getting to be that time of year. There are so many wonderful things to be thankful for right now. Let's elaborate on a few, shall we?

1. Infographics! I am constantly in awe of gorgeously designed infographics... little pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also teach you something! (I wish textbooks were this beautiful! Seriously! I'd want to be at school all day every day!) I've pretty much *favorited* everything from the GDS Infographics photostream on Flickr! I've even been inspired to do a shark-themed infographic for my portfolio! Here are a few of their beauties! (Note how "not beautiful" some of the information is! Mass layoffs and ballooning CEO salaries?! Man, they sure make it look good though don't they?!) I'll stop at just three because I'd really just like to post her entire gallery!

Ballooning CEO Salaries and Mass Layoffs
The Sharks of Business
The Ups and Downs of your Credit Rating

2. My personal branding! The business cards are still in the tweaking phases but I've solidified a color palette and a logo! I feel like it's the perfect balance of playfulness and colorful candy shop infused with beach whimsy! (Seriously! If I were a logo and/or business card, THIS would be me! I'm so tickled!) I'll be printing them before too long and the mini cards will go out with Etsy orders while the larger ones will be up for grabs to anyone who would like to pass them around! (Spoiler alert: I'm going to try to take *the* perfect photo of my sweet vintage fringe boots for the back of one card! AND you can expect my personal website and my blog to take on this color scheme and branding very soon! Ooh la la!) So many of you have been asking to see more of my graphic design so here you go!

3. Netflix! Seriously! Even though we've managed to hang on to the same DVD for what seems like 6 months, $9 for all of the Instant Play features is such a steal! I'm such a fan of Netflix! All the way! We watched "Good Dick" last night and while it was very very different, it was also surprisingly well done! The soundtrack was incredible! I highly recommend everyone watch seasons 1 and 2 of Pushing Daisies if you haven't yet! Swoon! What are some of your favorite things to watch via Netflix?

4. Smells! Things like freshly cut grass (which is slightly bittersweet as it is now September and that smell will no longer be around!), cinnamon (welcome Autumn!), fresh laundered clothes (mmm!), and a nice big ol' pot of brewed coffee!

5. Kites! I wish I would have made more of an effort to enjoy simple things like this this year. I guess other things got in the way of life and kites simply went overlooked! I suppose they're a bit more appropriate for spring and summer, but what about a sweet autumn inspired kite for fall?! (Apple cider, picnic blankets, pumpkin pie and kites anyone?!? Meet me in the park!) 

6. Charleston, South Carolina! Okay, well, maybe I can't say this from experience (I've never been there!), but I really think I'd like the place! Honestly! Mike and I are going to try as hard as we might to get out to Charleston for fall break next month (just 5 weeks away!) and we're hoping that we can maybe fall in love with it and one day call it home. Do any of you live in/around Charleston? Feel like suggesting places for us to check out or wanna meet up for coffee? Let us know!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I'm loving your business cards, the colours work perfectly together :) And totally agree about the smell of freshly laundered clothes & freshly cut grass :)


  2. Yeah to smelling yummy Tea!

    Yours Truly

  3. cant.get.enough.of.cinnamon! fave smell ever!

  4. if you end up going to charleston, you have to go to the south carolina aquarium. it is really impressive!

  5. your blog! (like always!) ;)

  6. I love cinnamon like nothing else on earth! I really want to go to Charleston too. Zach and I have been talking about it for awhile. Someone told him about this place with huge trees so big the branches grow into the ground and then resurface. I've seen pictures, and they are amazing! I also want to go on a ghost tour downtown, as dorky as it is. :) I'm going to send you some info on the tree place later, if I don't forget.

  7. Oh my, I love love love Charleston. I'm from SC and I've been to Chas. several times! Definitely the Aquarium and check out the outdoor market on Market street (I think). Maybe go on a ghost tour if you're into that! I did one with my girlfriends and we just had a blast! Other than that, just enjoy the downtown area and all of its beauty. :)

    This week, I am loving the fact that my husband is heading home for his 2 week R&R from Afghanistan next week! So I've been doing lots of shopping and preparing for our beach vacation in SC! Yay! :)

    Oh and love your blog, and your branding. You are simply inspiring!

  8. beth ann: thank you so much for the sweet words and suggestions! i'm so happy to hear your lovely hubby will be coming home to you to visit! i hope you two have a magical vacation! sending all of my positive energy to you! live it up, lovely!

  9. It's funny that you mentioned Charleston, because I JUST got back from there. Kaelah, it's so wonderful and cute! I'm from Georgia and it reminds me a lot of Savannah. You would loooove the aquarium, and Fort Sumter was one of my favorites, the view from it is magnificent!

  10. netflix, yes.
    cinnamon rolls, yes.
    fall weather, coffee and friends, yes please.


  11. I'm headed to Charleston next week! My really good friend Erika lives there with her husband, and if you're interested, check out her blog or hit her up with any questions that you might have! Her blog sometimes focuses on the things that she and her husband and friends do while living in Charleston, so definitely give it a look if you're interested -


  12. loving your business cards. they are lovely.
    NETFLIX is the best thing in the WORLD!!!!!

  13. girl i love EVERY SINGLE THING that you love! it makes me miss my childhood and love my adulthood. haha :D

    i wrote you about charleston and savannah! i hope you get it soon ;)


  14. I think Netflix is the same as our Fatso,and we just wallow in TV series we've never got around to seeing;presently we're into Mad Men,season 1.
    I am Gone with the Wind buff,and going anywhere in the South is a big want for me!Planning on at least a plantation tour on our next visit to the States.

  15. I love Netflix too! The last movie we got was The Wicker Man (yeah, I actually like that movie, lol).
    Anyway, I accidently got the 1973 version. It was very interesting though. Lots of boobs and such... haha.

  16. I just got Netflix about a month ago - and it has taken over my nights. Instant play is too addicting!

    I loove your new business cards, etc. So pretty and unique and cute!

  17. Haha, I just did my own things i love thursday, and i put netflix on my list, too! i love my instant netflix. I'm currently making my way through Lost, but i highly recommend pushing daisies to anyone that hasn't seen it!

  18. oh man, randomly I watched good dick a couple weeks ago, and it was so weird! but kinda good in a way... I don't know. I liked it. those characters were so crazy!


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