Outfit Post : Thursday, September 16

I'd be lying if I said anything about today has gone as planned. It most certainly hasn't. Of course, It'd be rather silly (and hypocritical) of me to let it ruin the rest of the day, right? Well, I was running late for class, I hopped on the interstate thinking it'd be faster, only to be greeted with bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic. Oh me! I finally got off of the interstate to take a backroad and I was a bit late for class. I pulled up, rushed in and then realized that not a single person was in class... not even the teacher. All of that stress for nothing (I hate being late for class! HATE!) I sit down in class and I try to work on my Personal Fact Sheet... well, the internet goes down. Oh wait, everyone else seems to be able to navigate the web just fine. Then I realized, as I tried to perfect my Literature paper to be handed in today, that I forgot my Literature book at home... in another town. Thank GOODNESS Mike didn't have to work until 4pm so he was able to bring it to me (Thank you Mike! Seriously... You are THE most incredible guy ever!). Now I'm trying to print out my Portfolio stuff to turn in and I realized that I trashed all of the files. All of them. And emptied the trash can. 

Dear Universe, could you please just cut me a break?! Please?! 

At least my outfit is cute today. (Rather bold of me to speak so highly of myself, isn't it?!) I just wish I had a fun, care-free, and sweet disposition about myself to accompany it. (Really I'm just tickled with my new dress and cardigan). Here are some pictures.

dress: urban outfitters. cardigan: target. belt: no clue. tights: walmart. flats: kmart.

I'm working on a shark infographic for portfolio and man, it's going to kick my butt! It's SO much illustration! But I'm excited to have a 100% shark piece to showcase. I hope it turns out well. I'm going to go turn in my paper and head home. I just want to be a recluse today. Hopefully everything turns around soon! 


  1. I really do love your Cardigan, its so pretty! :)
    Sorry you are having such a bad day at school though. Hope it gets better for you.

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. I remember having so many days like that when I was in university...for some reason when giant projects are due everything goes wrong...and illustrator constantly crashes.

    this outfit is amazing, so cute and colourful! it definitely brightened my day!

    I'd love to see some of your graphic design pieces you're putting in the showcase! especially the shark one, since I am a fellow shark lover too!

  3. I love the cardigan! I bought a royal blue one just like it. Wish I would've seen the pink one, they were sold out.

    I'm hoping you're day gets better!

  4. Loooove this outfit! p.s. I'll be emailing you this weekend! :)

  5. I love your pink cardigan. I saw those at Target last night. The ruffles remind me of brains or fake intestine. Haha! I know your day will get better! <3

  6. aw cheer up! you look great :) sometimes that's all that matters...unfortunately not when school's involved though so i hope things turn around for you!

    also, i love your one little pink nail. such a cute idea! i might just copycat it :)

  7. i loooooove this outfit (:
    the print on the dress & the cardi compliment each other really well. eep, sorry you've had a stressful day. glad it all kinda worked out in the end though!


  8. My memory stick got messed up by a Mac last week and when I was about to throw the stick away, I learned that the files you delete are still there UNTIL you save something else on top of them! That goes for memory sticks, memory cards, hard drives etc.! There are free programs that can find the missing files. I still haven't been able to recover my files, though.

  9. aw i hope you day gets better chick! :) the outfit, oh my gosh, i love it. too cute!! :)


  10. I love that dress! I didn't see that cardigan at Target in pink :( I missed out


  11. Sorry you're having a rough day! But like you said, at least your outfit it cute!

    I'm seriously about to head to Target to get that cardigan. Haha.

  12. Hope your day gets better! i love your nail polish. Just wondering, why do u have one pink nail?

  13. The pattern of your dress is to die for! Have a better day, on me. :-)

  14. Emily: no real reason :) just for a random punch of fun.

  15. I hate those sorts of days! I seem to be having them a lot lately. I think it is all because of being in a job that I absolutely despise! Day's are not fun when you wake up every morning dreading going to work.

    I hope your days start going a bit better and yes your outfit is cute today! I love the florals and the cardi.

  16. i think i might be blind..bc i have not seen those sweaters at target.
    i do believe i need a hot pink one in my wardrobe.
    i looooove this dress.
    i was going to get this or one like this on UO website and then told myself "no! you have way to many floral dresses."
    but now i might have to get it.
    you look positively wonderful.

  17. I had the worst day at uni yesterday (parking tickets, phones getting run over, lugging heavy and higly breakable equipment from one side of campus to the other, not being able to work said equipment when it was needed for an assignment due in 24 hours) so I completely understand. I hope your day gets better for you!

    But this outfit is seriously gorgeous - I'm in love with your dress!


  18. bad days are the worst... i hope tomorrow is 1000 times better! :)

    that dress is SO adorable.

  19. I have that same cardigan in grey and black! I wanted yellow, but I didn't see any. The pink is nice.

    I'm sorry your day sucked. It sounds like my past few days! What the eff is UP with this week??


  20. i am just so obsessed with your ruffly cardigan. i will probably come to your house and steal it.

  21. your dress, belt, cardi and hair is like the nicest colour combination ever :) haha my eyes are hugely enjoying it! xx

  22. I just have to tell you, that first picture of you is stunningly gorgeous!


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