Life has been oh-so-very-busy as of late and I apologize for my sporadic blog activity. We're excited to announce some fun news here shortly (I'm sure I've been teasing you if you follow me on twitter!) so stay tuned! I'm eyeball deep in school work, house work, personal projects, etc! 

I've been meaning to photograph a headband sent to me by Maryam from Pamplemousse but my schedule totally doesn't sync up with Mike's! I get home at like 1pm tomorrow and he has to be at work at 1 (until 10!) Gah! Luckily we're both free on Friday so I'll def take photos and get it up! Take a look at how cute they are (and her!). Lovely!

Mike and I are also planning on adventuring to some abandoned houses and such this weekend around the Shelbyville area! We found some on our drives this week and I'm hoping we can play with our new Instax 210! (We got our replacement FlipCam too!)

We are already loving the new season of Dexter! Have you watched it?! What are your thoughts?! I wonder if anyone is as nervous as I am! We accidentally missed Glee tonight. I can't figure out why our DVR didn't record it but we'll just watch it tomorrow.

If you've purchased anything from my shop or Etsy since Thursday, it will be shipped tomorrow or Thursday at the latest! I ran out of headbands and then I ran out of bubble envelopes and I can only get the right size at Walmart and Spring Hill doesn't have a Walmart (I'm glad because I loatheeee that place! Hate shopping there!). Anyway, they are on their way soon! I promise!

As for sponsorships: I have 2 small and a large still available. Feel free to CLICK HERE to read about the perks or email me (kaelahbee@gmail.com) to discuss rates! Once they're gone, they're gone! 

Annddd I think that about does it for this entry! I'll try to give you something good tomorrow! I just have soooo much homework to do! Eep!


  1. You have such an adorable blog! :) I just saw that you said you are planning on going to some abandoned houses in Shelbyville? Does that mean you live in Indiana? So do I! I live in Bloomington :)

  2. i'm so excited for your news!
    i don't really think it's a baby...at least not of the human variety.
    i'm leaning towards the idea that you guys will be having a new bulldog addition to your family! :)

    can't wait to hear.
    and congratulations on whatever it may be!


  3. we watched the first episode of dexter last night!!...i am SO curious to see where they take this season...its almost not even the same show. i can't believe they killed rita off!! so suspensful!

  4. Looking forward to the exciting news! Also, have fun at the old houses...hope we get to see the pictures!

  5. claggie: no, tennessee unfortunately! :(

  6. I love your blog, girlie. Just to let you know, I recently mentioned you in one of my posts. Hope you don't mind!

  7. omg the episode of Glee was SOO GOOD! and random, but I totally just creeped your Facebook and realized that you used to be one of my favorite Myspacers from way back when! Too funny!

    Much love,


  8. Jealous of your Instax 210! I have the mini but I want this one too.

    Would you be interested in participating in my project?


    I've been asking people directly who obviously have instant cameras. :)


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