Wishful Thinking -- A Wishlist of Sorts

Nothing makes a sick girl feel quite as good as some window shopping... well, online window shopping I guess you'd call it. I caught glimpse of some pretty spectacular duds on Spotted Moth today and I thought I'd share! (Though I have to say... I'd snatch up that Carpenter Bee bag, too!)

(from left to right & below): cream and sugar dress ($46.99), pollyanna coat ($64.99), maraschino dress ($39.99), antler necklace ($62.99), golden noodle necklace ($24.99)

I've heard wonderful things about Spotted Moth around the blogosphere... What's your opinion? Like the choices? Like the prices? Have you bought from them? If so, let me know what you thought! I guess I've got some more wishful "window shopping" to do!

By the way! Daily outfit photos will resume shortly! Hopefully I'll be 100% better tomorrow! Thanks for all your kind words and patience! Here's to kicking sickness' butt!


  1. That coat and red dress are amazing! I want them both! :)


  2. Ah! I've totally stalked that coat several times on their site. The color, The Bow! Swoon.

  3. Love that dress, it is just freakin' adorable!

  4. hey girl... I sent your photos off about 3 weeks ago now? you still havent got em?! Ill chase them up! Im so sorry! xx

  5. Wow I want that coat! It would almost make it worth it getting cold just so I could wear that! antler necklace super cute too. :)



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