Wedding Wednesday!

I hope this post doesn't feel too rushed to y'all (because it is!). I'm running a bit behind with a "field trip" today to a design studio and then I'm getting tattooed for a few hours. Plus I want to put up a new giveaway today. It's never-ending! (By the way, the winner of the Yes and Yes giveaway was announced!) Anywhoo! Onto the fun festivities!

This first wedding was a gorgeous mix of muted colors and frilly lace. Oh her dress is just to die for! (And that lovely hair piece!) I also love the bow napkin bits on the tables! Swoon! The photographer shot this in such a stellar way. It's a wonderful spectacle of a DIY wedding and I can't help but basically share the entire thing! Sorry for the picture overload! (via Ruffled Blog)

Sadly it seems the wedding season has come and gone, but it's left many of us still feeling that wedding fever (am I right or am I right?!). The posts will probably thin out a bit as the season wears on, but I'm excited to start bringing more engagement photoshoots into play! Speaking of photoshoots, do they get ANY cuter than this one?! (via RockNRollBride)

And the Weekly Wedding Question! What is the ideal time of year (for you!) to get married? Do you like the idea of a crisp and cold wedding so you can wear a beautiful faux-fur shrug? Or do you prefer the bright sunshine of a mid-August day? Do you picture yourself strolling through a forest of fallen Autumn leaves or do get excited about fields of fresh Spring flowers? I'm excited to hear!

For me: I always thought summertime, but then I realized uh, Hello! I live in the South! AKA The great ring o' fire! The heat I can handle, the humidity not so much! I don't want my hair to frizz or my makeup to sweat right off of me! Ideally my wedding would maybe be in September? (My favorite month!) I add the question mark because of course this is all subject to change if necessary. But I'd like it cool enough to wear a cute cardigan after the festivities but warm enough to enjoy the sweet sweet sunshine outside!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful wedding <3
    I am a maid of honor to my cousin and lately all this wedding stuff makes me all happy :)

    If I ever marry my charming BF, I would love to get married in the fall or winter <3 because Cali Summer weddings are just tooo hott :)



  2. I love wedding photos. I look through so many every week because I just adore them extremely.

    I got married in June. It was such a beautiful day too! Originally I had wanted to get married in April and had that planned since I was a child. Oh well!

  3. As always, such amazing wedding photographs. The water ones are really cool.

    For me I'm dreaming of a wedding in February, a little north from me where there's a small town full of mountains and water. All the snow and ice would look so magical.

  4. beautiful! what camera did you use for the underwater shots?

  5. I was married in October - it's my favorite month. I LOVE FALL!!

    I obsessively browsed Rock N Roll bride in the months leading up to our wedding. I wanted eeeverything. I was totally indecisive on picking just one theme. After our wedding I couldn't get myself to look at a single wedding blog because I was afraid I would be like "SHIT! I should have done THAT!"

    I'm a fickle pickle.

  6. My fav month would be october, where I live it's spring and the weather is perfect, lots of sunny warm days.

  7. I would loveeee to get married in October. I've always, ALWAYS, adored Autumn weather, and I just can't picture myself getting married at any other time of year (:

  8. Your post totally inspired me. Our logo's pink and orange + I was worried it was too summery but wedding one's decor showed how these colors mixed with some accents can totally be perfect for fall decor!

  9. I love the photography by Carl Zoch; I noticed them on his website a few days ago and fell in love. :) All the photos are gorgeous, as usual. Ruffled always has great inspiration.

    If I marry my lovely boy, I am thinking a wedding in September or October. Oklahoma is still nice that time of year. Plus, all the colors are amazing. :)

  10. I'm a spring chicken. ;p So Spring is my ideal time, probably April or May before it heats up too much but the weather can still be glorious. I adore the bright colors of Spring so much and would love to have some fresh wildflowers in place of the traditional flowers. <3

    Some friends of mine got married two years ago last Saturday. I was never a fan of autumn weddings until I attended theirs, it was absolutely gorgeous. They had the reception in this beautiful barn, it was just a little warm to begin with but that lovely autumn crisp we get in Iowa during the evenings quickly fixed that, it was wonderful. :)

  11. Those are soooo gorgeous! The under water one is really unique!


  12. soo beautiful! i love the underwatershots!

  13. The pictures in the pool are so much fun. I wish I had enough money to buy a nice suit to ruin it!

    Me and my boyfriend are planning on hopefully getting married in the spring! March or April!!

    I think it's the perfect time for a new beginning, and I love the way the air feels in spring!

  14. My original wedding date was in the fall. And then we moved it up be like 7 months to March!

  15. i'm gonna go wtih a fall wedding, not too hot and not too cold. plus, i think i want my colors to be deep read and black (this could change) and i think those go better with fall.

    the last shoot was awesome! and i love getting ideas for my wedding (def not for a long while, but i can dream, right?).


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