Happy New Purchase!

Mike doesn't know this yet, but I just ordered this sweet baby. I had it pulled up on my computer for when he came home from work last night so I could show him. He was in love. We love our FujiFilm Instax Mini and upon discovering the Instax 210, we had to have it! I went ahead and ordered it today in hopes that it will be here before our trips to Louisville (Oct 10/11) and to North Carolina (Oct 17-22). We'll be road trip happy and have way too much film for our good!

We've taken SO many Instax Mini photos since having it and I'm excited for us to get a wider format print! We still have 2 packs of Polaroid Spectra film thanks to a lovely gal named Reva! We'll have a lot of opportunities to take so many photos!

I ended up buying it via Amazon as opposed to PhotoJoJo because it was cheaper and with Student Prime, you get free 2 day shipping! (Which means it should be here by Tuesday! Woo!)

I snagged a 2 pack of film and the whole bundle was under $100! CLICK HERE if you want to buy the camera!

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Edit: The film was going to take longer to get here so I ended up snagging a great deal on the camera + five DOUBLE packs of film (10 packs!) for only $150! Score!


  1. Ugh I want that!! I'm asking Santa for one for Christmas!


  2. Wow - I'm totally jealous! I have a Polaroid but I haven't had the extra bucks to foot the bill on the film lately. I miss it!

  3. Oh my, its beautiful :) I think I might need to treat myself to an early christmas present! I know you're really into your cameras and whatnot, so if you get a little minute id love for you to look at my last blog post 'manual vs digital' - would really appreciate some thoughts from miss kaelah :) x

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment gal :) All I know is that if my kids are going to be anything like me... then I'll be keeping all my cameras locked up in a suitcase to give them one day!

    Little Zumi is really strange... I'm still a bit undecided. Apparently it produces pictures like this: http://www.beatyphotography.com/zumi-birthday/

    But we'll see what happens when I get the lil 'un developed :) you can get a digital version too! Haha but the manual one has the teeniest film ever. Sooo cute! x

  5. ughhh! i'm so jealous!! that is such a cute camera!!


  6. Wow, looks really nice! That's so sweet of you. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  7. I have a mini instax and when I saw this one omg! Deals are pretty good on the net, I'll be buying it soon!

  8. i want it!!!
    i am so jealous.
    i am going to louisville on thursday..
    i absolutely love that city!!!
    have a wonderful rest of the weekend love.

  9. I just bought myself on this morning too after seeing it on Run with scissors blog! I cant believe how incredibly cheap it was with film :)

  10. BAHHHH! That's so funny that you bought this. Just this morning I showed it to Chad online and asked for it for x-mas, though I have a big feeling that I'll be buying it for myself way before then. ENJOY! I'm jealous!


  11. So awesome! I still have yet to get the instax mini! Adore the gif too! =]

  12. Oh wow, I think I need one! Haha, I love making sneaky purchases without the boyfriend knowing... he usually ends up loving them anyway!


    PS. I just wore one of the dresses you sent me on my blog :)

  13. Where in North Carolina are you headed? Let me know if you end up in Raleigh!

    drovepast @ lj

  14. ...now i want this camera! haha. and maybe you can have the rest of my spectra film if i can't find my camera ;)

  15. maybe you can help me...
    i've been looking at buying an instax mini, but this one looks wonderful too.
    which should i get? (..first, hopefully!) haha.

  16. I love this, I just wish they came in pretty colors! I have the instax mini chocolate. I love it! But these wide pictures are just too adorable. hmm.. Christmas maybe?


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