Swedish Sunday... Uh What?

I forgot to post a video yesterday... but it seems y'all are taking to the silly YouTube videos in the A.M! Someone asked me to make it a regular feature and I love that idea, but I want to know: Is a video a day [in the morning] too much? Feel free to weigh-in below! 

And feast your eyes on this beauty. It's been floating around the blogosphere so you might have seen it already! Either way... live it and love it. [and let's be honest... it's going to be hard to beat the "Pretty Girls Make Faces" video!] Do you know a video that deserves to be shared? Leave the link below! 


  1. Oh the Pretty Girl Makes Funny Faces was hilarious! I showed it to lots of people at work and my family....hilarious! I think it would be awesome if you did videos!

    Not sure if you've seen them or not but here are a few videos that have been out a while, but they're funny!

    Charlie Bit Me (Original video and autotuned version)
    All The Single Babies


  2. i asked you to make it a feature aswell haha! i love youtube. endless fun and frights!

  3. I love watching funny videos! I was in tears watching that Funny Faces video =P

    Here's my offering:

  4. i think i'd like it more if it was once or twice a week. give us something to look forward to

  5. Hey, that video's Finnish, not Swedish! Oh how we Finns just hate it when people confuse us to Swedes :D Although in this case, maybe I should have let everyone think it's Swedish... :D

  6. floene: thanks for the correction! the video description on youtube says swedish and i dont know one from the other! :P

  7. hhahahahahahahahah!!! i HATE the video but i love the song.

    the pretty girl makes funny faces had me crying and peeing myself when i finished watching it! i showed it to my whole family and posted it on my facebook. thank you for sharing! :)

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy.blogspot.com

  8. One every day is a bit much for my taste, but a few times a week is fine :)


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