Outfit Post : Saturday, September 11

dress: modcloth, belt: thrifted, flats: kmart

A silly gif of outtakes:

I received a box full of my ModCloth goodies yesterday and much to my dismay, I was completely and totally underwhelmed. The items were all gorgeous though, don't get me wrong. But as a pear-shaped gal, I find online shopping to almost always be an utter disappointment. I have to be able to try on things in store because my small chest and my big ol' behind just doesn't fit things easily. I put them all back in the box and let them sit overnight. Today I put on one of the dresses that I actually really enjoyed and realized that it looked much better than I thought. This was a pleasant surprise.

While the motif may be that of nautical, it is also a nice play on patriotic Americana on such a fateful day. I've tried to stay away from the news for the majority of the day as most of it is just so sad and depressing. I can honor and appreciate the day and all of those affiliated without being bombarded with the traumatic images that I first witnessed in my 8th grade homeroom class.

Mike came home from work and we decided to go out for a mini-date night. We went and indulged in Mexican food and now we're sitting on the couch watching National Geographic. (The Whale That Ate Jaws comes on in 11 minutes!) We're going to DVR it and he's going to go to work with me tonight. (I love that he gets to go to work with me! Makes it so much more enjoyable!) Last night was a bit dead so I was cut after only 4 hours. Hopefully tonight will be a different story.

I'll include a few more photos after the jump. Simply because I'm in love with the color combo.

By the way, I listed a few of the dresses over at my closet today. CLICK HERE to go visit the shop and pick up a frock or two! Also- I've received a lot of interest in the Huge Handmade Giveaway and all the spots are nearly filled! I want to make this a huge and fantastic giveaway so if you're interested in submitting your stuff, CLICK HERE to read about how to go about it!


  1. that dress looks great on you! and i like the way that your sleeves look like you're wearing another layer, haha :)

  2. Ahh, you have no idea how much I adore that dress on you! You look amazing in it. And the nautical print is so perfect with your tattoos!

    I'm sorry you were underwhelmed by the fit of the dresses - I'm heading over to your shop now!


    PS. How gorgeous is your hair looking!?

  3. I'm anxiously awaiting my modcloth dresses that I ordered. But I KNOW that it will be a surprise if they fit well. I'm a big hourglass. bah!

  4. thats such a cute..gif..like sydney said that blue on you looks magnificent!

  5. I absolutely love it on you! I don't even recall seeing that one! So cute and agreed perfect for today! =]

  6. you and i think so much alike because i got that dress as well. (but i think i am going to pop off my buttons bc i do not like them)
    you look super cute.

  7. Ah I haven't gotten my dresses yet D: I ordered 3 dresses from that sale that will hopefully (fit well!) and be at my door on Monday. I really think this dress is perfect for you though. Even though some didn't work it, this one looks gorgeous on you <3!

  8. you are soooo right! This colour combo is amazing! Totally mind blowing! I love the way the belt matches your hair and connects the whole thing together!

    Your style totally reflect you graphic design background, conceptual style! Amazing!

    I'd love to see what else you grabbed from the last chance modcloth sale!

  9. that dress looks absolutely gorgeous on your figure kaelah! so so nice.

  10. hey! i went to watch your youtube video and it wouldnt work for me! wahh, is it because im in the uk! i dig your hair and want to see the video haha! lois mae x

  11. you are seriously an inspiration. you are so beautiful!

  12. I want this dress, currently drooling on my keyboard.....


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