Silly Video to Start Your Day

Nothing extravagant or fabulous, but still a hilarious little video to start your [gloomy if you're where I live] Thursday! If you frequent then you've probably seen this a while back, and I even tweeted about it last month, but still, I couldn't help but want to post it here for anyone else who hadn't seen it! [Got a twitter? Wanna be Twitter tweeter pals? Follow me HERE! @reply me and say hello so I'll know who you are!]

Found any really great YouTube gems lately? Do share!


  1. i like this, you should post more!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the video! It was funny! I love your blog btw!


  3. Hahaha! This video is amazing.

  4. Great Video! Thanks for sharing.. made me a feel a little bit better about this cold gloomy day I'm experiencing in NY! :)


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