Wedding Wednesday

Y'all. The wedding is seriously just 4 months and some change away. I feel like every time I think about it it's a month closer and less and less has been done. (Seriously. Nothing has been finalized since my Save vs. Splurge post, except the dessert bar baker!) It's normal to second guess stuff before you book it right? Like our honeymoon for instance. We keep looking at different things/places, and it feels impossible for us to make a commitment.

We mentioned the possibility of a cruise, and a few people brought up a good point about it being hurricane season in the Caribbean, but we also know plenty of other people who have gone in October and had wonderful times. So it's still on the table. We're also scouring Living Social/Groupon daily for their getaway deals. We're bummed that we missed out on one that looked awesome, but we've got time! For those of you who went to the Caribbean and/or a cruise, did you enjoy it? Could you tell me a little bit about your experience? We'd love to go somewhere we could snorkel, swim with dolphins (since sharks seem to be a no go), etc. You know, fun stuff!

Now back to the dessert table... I'm super stoked on this. Like, legitimately! *Drumroll please!* Miss Beca (of Tumbleweeds fame) will be whipping up the deliciously sweet spread! Eep! So excited. Did you know she's a mega talented baker? Well, she is so now you do. I've been scouring Pinterest for some inspiration to help curate a menu and I thought I'd share of my favorite ideas/set ups! I'm not 100% sure how we'll set up the dessert table and where, since the wedding is outdoors at a barn, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Here we go!

I love the burlap on this one. We plan on having a lot of burlap incorporated into our wedding so finding different ways to lay it across the table seems ideal.

We're not planning on having cakes at our wedding (pies instead!) but if we were, we'd love bundt cakes. I love the look of them! And there is such a wide variety.

I love the idea of doing a popcorn with white and pink chocolate drizzle on it. Then serving them in these popcorn cones! I also really dig the kraft paper look so these would be easy to cut and roll myself instead of buying new.

I like how they used different cake stands to showcase different sweets. I like the idea of having cake balls but not sure if they'll be necessary. If they are, I think I prefer them showcased cake pop down (like above) as opposed to sticking in styrofoam. (I officially cannot believe I even have an opinion on that...)

Baby donuts and little cotton candy! Maybe we should just nix the dinner buffet and stick with a dessert bar, because I'm clearly trying to rot everyone's teeth out. Oh well!

So many pies! And I love the flags.

More cake pops and meringue kisses! These would be easily bought at a bakery around town or something. 

I love all of the colors here and the pinwheel backdrop! If we end up pushing the dessert table toward one of the barn walls then I might incorporate something like this.

Chocolate dipped rice krispie treats! A little different, but fun!

I definitely want to go for some white/clear and light pink rock candy! Another thing easily swiped at the candy store.

Do you have a cavity yet? I know. A little ridiculous. But it's fun to shop around for pretty cake plates and display jars. Let's just hope it all comes together! We're excited but also super nervous. I guess most people are for their wedding day right? 

Now I really need to start focusing on hair + makeup, and finding a cardigan that matches my dress (or breaking down and ordering a really really beautiful one from Etsy). And shoes! And bridesmaids' shoes! And figuring out why the catering people still haven't called us back. And hay bales, and blankets, and picnic baskets. Oh goodness. Breathe! It'll come together. Of course it will. ;)

What are your favorite desserts you've had/seen at weddings? 


  1. I've been on two cruises to the Caribbean (one in May, one in July) and both were awesome. If you want to swim with dolphins, definitely do one that goes to Cozumel - we did that on our last trip and it was AMAZING. Snorkeling is available pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean.

    I think the great thing about cruises is that they are all-inclusive. You pay for your passage, and that includes all your meals on the ship, room service, cleaning service, etc. It's so nice not to have to stress or worry about any of that. Even the shore excursions in port take care of things - they tell you what time to be on the dock, and you just show up. They take care of transport to/from whatever thing you're doing, and a lot of the time they also include a lunch or snack.

    All in all, if you're looking for a relaxing, stress-free kind of vacation, I can't recommend a cruise enough. We're actually going on one later this month (to Alaska!); it'll be interesting to compare that experience with the Caribbean one. :)

  2. I won't be getting married for a loooong time but I still have to bookmark all of your Wedding Wednesdays so that I won't forget any of these amazing ideas! Your wedding is going to be fabuloussss :)


  3. I have followed your blog for a long time now and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am happy for you. But also wanted to let you know that being from Trinidad the Caribbean is definitely a good choice. But since we have experience with hurricanes all hotels will be fortified to withstand one IF, IF it occurs.

  4. Oh girl I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I'm not really stressed over anything at this point, but I've gotten pretty pissed about people not calling me back. I still haven't reserved chairs because I can't bring myself to pay so much money to borrow chairs for one day. It just seems stupid...but alas my guests can't squat for dinner, so I'm going to have to cave at some point.

    As for the desserts, I love the Rice Krispies dipped in chocolate idea! I've never seen that before but it sounds tasty. My friend did some cute little pudding cups in shot glasses. It was a fancy little parfait looking thing so it was cute. She had a shit ton of other desserts, but those were my fav. I'm doing pies too, but my friend is making a bunch of single serving pies in jars. I think that's my biggest expense for the wedding. HA! It's silly, but I've wanted that for ages so I'm willing to splurge :)

  5. I got married last October and went to an island in the Caribbean, and although some days were a little overcast, it was still a great vacation. We did ours at sandals, since everything is included. Good Luck!

  6. I've been on a cruise to the Bahamas via Royal Carribean and it was okay. Some cruise lines make you decide what you're doing though a few days ahead, so if you pick swimming with dolphins, and it rains, you might be stuck on the boat all day.. so it's really hit or miss. I say it would depend on the cruise line, but cruises have the chance to be really awesome, or really boring.

  7. I love your wedding posts! Although some colleagues of mine have just come back from their friend's wedding in Trinidad, and they said it's something they wouldn't like to do again. They did a cruise around the Caribbean and thoroughly enjoyed it though.

    The desserts all look fantastic, but that could be my huge sweet tooth talking :)

  8. One of my favorite things was a beautifully painted mailbox, so that people could put in cards and money and such for the bride and groom. It was so nice.
    gracie b

  9. I got engaged on Saturday and have been thrown into wedding planning at full hilt - this has given me waaaay too many brilliant ideas!

  10. Yeesh, this is gonna be one gorgeous wedding! My only qualm with cruises was the day trips. The trips themselves were fantastic but we booked one everyday not knowing that they all started at 7 am! If y'all are morning people then great but it can be a little rough.

  11. These all look lovely and yummy! I love the idea of pies instead of cake, as I've never really been a fan of cake. Meanwhile, I think my favorite sweet I've had at a wedding would have been this scone bar, where you could pick between like butter, lemon curd, raspberry preserves, and sweetened fruit to eat with them. SO GOOD. And it wasn't too heavy.
    Good luck, lovely! This wedding is going to be beautiful. :]

  12. My cousin had a wedding in October & she had a caramel apple bar. She had m&ms in their color, nuts, & chocolate to dip it in if you didn't want caramel. It was super cute, but I did wish there were other things there besides cake & apples.

  13. that pinwheel backdrop is RAD. and i love the popcorn idea :)

  14. I'm not engaged but like most girls I dream of my wedding day. I love to bake so I think a dessert bar would be amazing!! I've never heard one with pies but that sounds so adorable. You could even have pie pops (sort of like a cake pop. You're wedding is gonna be amazing, congratulations!!!!

  15. I've been on 4 or 5 cruises, Royal Caribbean and Holland America. Both are very nice, there will probably be more children on Royal Caribbean but it's off-season so not too many. I've heard bad things about Carnival, but never been on one myself.

    Some fun things I've done on cruises: snorkeling, swimming with sting rays, Mayan pyramids, hang gliding, and swimming!

  16. I've been on a cruise in the Bahamas/Caribbean in September of last year and while there was a hurricane that went through the week before, there was nothing in the ocean during the time we were there.
    The weather was perfect except for 2 minutes of rain one evening. My fiance (boyfriend at the time) and I had such a great time, we're not drinkers or partiers and there was plenty for us to do both on and off the ship.
    We both chose one excursion while in port at Half Moon Cay( a private island), mine was renting one of the cabana's so we had some place to go to get out of the sun and to leave our stuff while exploring the island and out in the water. It was totally worth it, they provided us with snorkel gear, floating rafts, chips, salsa, fruit, bottled water, soda, guacamole, veggies and dip. My fiance's choice was parasailing, I was totally unsure of it at first but once I finally relaxed, I ended up enjoying it. I wanted to do one of the marine animal excursions but they were quite pricey and after reading reviews of how limited the time is you actually get to spend with the animals, we decided against it.
    Our friends that went with us did do a stingray experience where they got to feed them and they said it was amazing, all the stingrays were rescued/rehabilitated after shark attacks, being stuck in fishing nets, or hit by boats.
    Our other port was Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. It is filled with life, a neat straw market and lots of commercial shops and resorts. The beach is a short and cheap cab ride away but it is super packed and there are lots of locals walking around trying to sell you everything under the moon. It is worth it though just to drive around the town and see new things.
    When we booked our trip, I was working at a travel agency and I can tell that hurricane season made no difference to our clients. We were constantly booking cruises for all times of the year and people just bought trip insurance and watched the weather. Also, there is one island that is out of the hurricane zone and that is Aruba, though you still have to go through the zone to get to it. For ours in September we bought trip insurance just in case of a hurricane and just hoped for the best. I loved our cruise and want to go on another one soon. We thought about going on another one for our honeymoon but my parents offered to let us use their time share (who could say no to that) so we're going to Mexico!!!
    I think a cruise is wonderful honeymoon though, they're stress free, everything is provided for you, the employees are sooo nice, you meet some great people, everything you want is on the ship, the food is pretty tasty (I'm a veg so I didn't get to try as much but they had Indian food on the menu every night, so that kept me happy) and you get to be surrounded by the beautiful ocean!!!

  17. My family is full of kids so we ALWAYS have candy bars for the kids. I like that they can choose the types of candies that they like and it keeps them happy when they would otherwise be bored. The only thing I would steer clear of is a chocolate fountain those things gross me out, I have seen double dipping, kids stick their dirty fingers of tongues in it and the bird dipping his whole self in one on pinterest, it is so unsanitary and I am no where near a germaphobe.

    I went on a cruise to Cozumel fro high school graduation(06) and it was a blast! We did have a tropical storm while we were out to sea but it really didn't effect us at all. Some of the pools were closed because they were too close to the front of the ship and the top deck which had putt-putt and a track was closed. There is SO much to do on the ship. We did the all inclusive package, and we did a snorkeling excursion so we could fit in shopping. I would do another cruise in a heartbeat (I am actually trying to convince the Mister that is what we should do for our honeymoon)

  18. Your "I can't believe I have an opinion about this" comment made me laugh out loud. Love the ideas!
    x Hilary

  19. we seriously have the exact same taste for weddings! i'm always re-pinning you in pinterest. i would totally do a dessert table, with several cakes by bakers and then have close friends and family contribute with a special recipe of their own. have you guys thought of an east coast roadtrip? or a weekend in the pacific northwest? that sounds fun to me :)

  20. ha cracked up laughing at 'can't believe I have an opinion on that'! Its amazing what weddings bring out. This sounds like it will be just lovely. If it makes you feel better we did pretty much EVERYTHING for my sister's wedding about 1 week before. Things always come together.

  21. Those sweet tables are kickass! Those bundt cakes look delish.

    And I've been on a few Caribbean trips and have loved it. I've hit up St. Thomas, St. John, St. Kitts & Nevis (my FAVORITE), Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and then Mexico/Belize/Grand Cayman on one whole trip. St. Kitts is my fave, though I don't think it's a cruise destination. It's just kind of hidden and not as popular still, so it's nice and relaxing while still gorgeous. I do love cruises though because of the all-inclusive-ness (what a word..) of it. All the extras you'd be paying for are things like alcohol, excursions, and souvenirs. You can even do meal plans and cards for certain cruises so you don't have to worry about keeping cash, too. It made relaxing really easy for my family and I. We didn't really swim or do any of that on the ship, but we loved exploring and doing things like bingo, just having a pina colada by the pool, or shopping. I loved it!

    OH, and the hurricane season thing.. As a Floridian, I didn't even think about that when you asked in your first post, lol! If you're going that time of year definitely invest in travel insurance (just on the trip so you can reschedule and just aren't screwed outta money) and keep an eye on the weather before you go. We've traveled when there's been tropical storms and depressions and never had an issue. I guess maybe because we've been through worse. Haha. :) It'll be ok though! Good luck!

  22. Really loving the (pink & blue) banner on the sweets set up and surprisingly really digging the burlap!!

  23. Kaelah,you crack me up! "Because I'm clearly trying to rot everyone's teeth out. Oh well!" & "Do you have a cavity yet?" LMAO. But I've never been on a cruise,so can't help ya there,sadly. Things will come together,don't fret! :)

  24. Love your wedding Wednesday posts! Can't wait to see your actual wedding photos!

  25. It's not exactly dessert BUT at a friend's outdoor wedding they had gorgeous vintage dispensers (? Is that the right word? They were glass with taps on them...) of lemonade and ginger ale for everyone to drink during the ceremony. It looked gorgeous as well (especially since they roped in some young cousins to serve it up for people!)

    Also your wedding wednesday always gives me a bit of wedding fever (which I try not to show in front of my man since I don't want to accidentally pressure him!) I love it.

  26. Hattitude Style Blog

    i love how you had an opinion on the cake pop! hahah too funny!
    kaelah how on earth did you find all those gorgeous wedding dessert table ideas. they're fabulous!!! send me over the link please. i love it!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  27. Um, yeah....
    This is the wedding of my dreams.

  28. I like the idea one commenter had on the pie pops. Those would make adorable favors! You could even have your initials cut out in them. Or in all of the pies on the table. I also love macaroms and mini cupcakes. Basically, I like anything in miniature. lol.

    For blankets you could always find really nice patterned fleece in coordinating colors and do tie blankets where you fringe two layers and tie all the fringe together. You can then raffle off (using name cards) all the blankets except for one (for you of course) at the end of the night for people to take home.

  29. i am feeling the pressure too with our wedding coming up at the end of august. right now it kind of feels like there isn't much to be doing, but i know as it gets even closer everything is going to start piling up quickly! i am still on the hunt for a comfortable pair of shoes too and i feel like it's impossible to find the RIGHT ones! good luck with your planning and have fun! :)

  30. It does all come toghether, I promise. And for someone with your skill set it will probably come together really well! I totally flubbed my way through my wedding and it ended up looking great.

  31. Hello!! :) I haven't left you a comment for awhile! I Love all these dessert tables. I'm using them as inspiration for my market stall selling cupcakes :) I would love to have a picnic for my wedding too I think its such a awesome idea :)


  32. Hey Kaelah! We are in st Maarten on our honeymoon now! We are actually getting ready to fly home..and I found free wifi! Anyways we booked our all inclusive resort through living social and have been here for a week. It was the greatest experience. Everything with the voucher went perfectly, and we were able to get cheap flights, compared to other islands in the area. Our resort was called sonesta in maho bay. It's beautiful, and they upgraded us for free when we told them it was our honeymoon! All inclusive is typically against our nature, but there was lots of adventure to be found, and we saved about 60% through LS. I know they offer the same package frequently. Anyways, it was super cheap, included unlimited food and alcohol (whoa!), and had free snorkeling and other activities. I know lots of islands in this area, like st barths, are super pricey, but this one is really reasonable, and we had a great time! I highly recommend it!

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  35. I love your ideas for a dessert bar. It's something I hope to do when I eventually get married. I also saw an idea once where they did a cookie table and asked family members to bake two dozen or more of their favorite cookie. At the end of the night, guests packed up take-out boxes stamped with the couple's initials to take home as a favor.
    As for your honeymoon plans, have you ever looked at sniqueaway? It's kind of like gilt where it does flash sales but it's all discounts on hotels and resorts. I still haven't booked anything through them yet but they seem to have some great deals to fantastic places. Try too and look at their resort and cruise packages. I've gone to the Dominican Republic twice through them (when they were still continental) and got a great bargain. Good luck with the rest of your planning!


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