Things I Love Thursday

Another week has come and almost gone. The weather has been insanely beautiful here in Nashville and I've made it a priority to stay locked up watching Gossip Girl on Netflix... what can ya do? (Seriously. We watched 7 episodes yesterday inbetween work. Mike loves it just as much as I do and I think we're a little bit hooked!) Our brains get so fried from the Disney Junior that Toby watches when he wakes up so questionable tv choices while he sleeps is expected, right? Let's just say so... Here's what I'm loving this week!

this is matthew gray gubler's reasons to stay alive. ♥

this cute kitty. ♥

THIS even cuter kitty. ♥

this totally spot on animal anatomy ♥

this + all other feminism illustrations ♥

♥ this quote. ♥

♥ this is perfect. ♥

these sarcastic ecards never get old. ♥

♥ this. ♥

these parody accounts have quickly become favorites. ♥

Other Awesome Stuff:
// A huge congratulations goes out to Beca + Doug of Tumbleweeds for being Etsy's Featured Seller! So so proud of them! Go give them a virtual pat on the back ;)

// Sweet Molly of ViviDot just gave a home tour on the ModCloth blog. You can check out some of the featured photos and extra goodies here! I love seeing where others live and work so this was nothing short of inspiring.

// Foodie Finds: Grilled Chocolate Banana Melts. WHAT?! -- Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake -- Baked Vegetable Tian (from Budget Bytes... a super great site!) -- Roasted Balsamic Glazed Carrots

// I think yarn-bombing is so neat! If I could knit, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Check out the 5 pieces Mary just did! Ahh, I saw my first yarn bomb not too long ago and it was just so so beautiful!

// Roxy just shared Tips for Photographing Your Pets! There's no such thing as too many photos of your furry friends. I love reading Roxy's blog not only for her cute style, but because she's so crazy about her animals. Girl after my own heart! (Even if you don't care about pet photography, you should look at the post for the insane amount of cute!)

// Wishlist Wears: A Siamese Kitty necklace! Yes! -- THESE SHOES! OH MY GAW! -- This incredibly adorable dress. I never would've thought to put these colors together. -- and I dare you to tell me these shoes are not the best shoes! I want them in whiskey and red! 

// Instagram Favorites:




What are you loving this week?
Link me to your favorite posts, by you or anyone else! ;)


  1. I love those reasons to stay alive!! :) <3


  2. I love these posts so much - always look forward to them! This week I've been loving pastels, pastry, my new NEOM candle and topknots. A pretty nice selection of things! Hope you're all well xo

  3. Hey Kaelah! I'm trying to collect a postcard from every state. Would you be willing to help me out with TN?!

    xoxo, Abby

  4. Oh my goodness I love the sea life anatomy!

    I normally wouldn't do this, but as a long time reader I'd SO appreciate your help! :D Please go to my blog and read this post, I just need your help winning a HUGE contest in my life. I promise it'll be worth your time :D It's really easy too!

    (really sorry if this is serious spam for you)

  5. Matthew Gray Gubler is my fave actor ever! This is such a great list. As always, love this post!

  6. Just printed out that sea animal anatomy poster - pure gollllllldddddddd

    Argh wish more sites you linked did cheap intl shipping if shipped intl at all, so many sites don't and it's such a let down. Blah Australia, y u so far!!!!!!!

    My post i threw up today has my fave dress *one of them* been sooo excited for this dress.


  7. I love those awesome ecards! And the reasons to stay alive make me happy. :] Have a good weekend!

  8. So many great things, I love the feminism illustration and the text only Instagram!

  9. Matthew Gray Gubler!!! Yus! You made my day with that one, he is so great. I always enjoy your Tilt posts, a little extra happiness for my Thursday routine and for that I thank you.


  10. Hehe, I love the sea animal anatomy! I giggled, no lie! Hope you have yourself a fabulous Gossip Girl weekend :)

    xo Kayla

  11. Thanks for giving me a shout out with my yarn bombing!! I greatly appreciate it. :-)
    PS - I laughed out loud at the burritos image.

  12. omg these are all the cutest kitties i've ever seen!! i need that embroidery..zizi recently puked on my vintage couch and it broke my heart a little,i thought we were friends?! hooray for feminism..lets just say i wear jeans a lot, why should i shave errday? haha

  13. Haha I love the sea creatures anatomy pictures... I may have laughed out loud at the 'resentment' and 'actual name is carl' labels!
    Faye x

  14. What a small (Internet) world! My friend Brad is the one who created the "how many people are in space right now?" site. That's so amazing that you decided to share it. :)

  15. I love that you share your favorite Instagram pictures from people you follow. Might have to steal that idea for my TILT post next week. I just love things i love thursdays for getting new ideas and finding fun links. Thanks for a great post!! :D

  16. I LOVE that shark thingy by pleated-jeans! I kinda wanna print it off and hang it on my wall... awesome! ♥

    I'm really loving this drink- it looks amazing and adorable!

    Rose Eva

  17. ahhh i LOVE that reasons to stay alive list. so simple, yet so enlightening. and I'm totally loving the last of your favorite Instagram photos as well. I'm dying to know how she got that effect on the photo!

    xo, Sarah

  18. Those sea creatures are cracking me up.

  19. SO MUCH I LOVE! Those cutttte kitties, that sarcastic e-card and of course, the kitty puke embroidery - which is SO TRUE.

  20. I love everything about this post, especially that list! Oh, and the kitties!! <3 Have a great weekend!

  21. Mathew Grubler is my total nerd crush. I love this list and I think we should all make one. Lol. I understand about the whole Disney thing. BB is at home with me and I am teaching him to read and write and I think if I hear Elmo's voice one more time this week I may have a psychotic break.
    We all need a little mindless TV. Mine is Warehouse 13 and Revenge. I need new stuff to watch on Netflix. Wish they'd put Las Vegas on there or like Friends.
    Gracie B

  22. hahaha! That textinstagram is too funny!! I love these TiLT posts Kaelah!!


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