Things I Love Thursday

Another week, another Thursday. And yet another TiLT post to enjoy! Have at it!

this silly embroidery. ♥

this scott disik appreciation post. (with more gifs!) ♥

♥ these playgrounds by Danish design firm Mostrum ♥

♥ this awesome gif. ♥

♥ this. ♥

♥ this print and every variation of it ever. ♥

♥ these boots. ♥

♥ this double exposure. ♥

♥ if you're a forever-fan of pop culture... ♥

♥ simply this. ♥

Other Awesome Stuff:

// Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry. Everyone should read this.

// A Ron Swanson Beer Stein... A Swanson-Stein. Mike just about died. 

// Have you ever tried searching "Camper Teapot" on Ebay? You should. This is the beauty that unfolds! This one is my favorite, though I'd love to find a listing for this stunner! Yep, a whole section on teapots shaped like caravans.

// If you're on the hunt for some real conversation starters as throw pillows, here you go!

// There has been a TON of talk around the blog world lately by ladies not loving their blog space. Between hurt feelings, mean comments, competition and overall burnout, I think any of us who have done this for some stretch of time can relate. What's strange is that the feeling seems to have blanketed a huge portion of a seemingly close-knit community at the same time. Kyla wrote a great post titled How To Get Your Blog Love Back. There have been similar posts all around, even some that just admit to the feeling and the journey back to blogging for oneself. I'd love to expand on this idea once more (I touched on it in a few Honest To Blog posts several months back) but it's an interesting ride to be on! (Sorry for the slightly downer addition to TILT? I added it as a pick-me-up in case you feel like many other gals. Your space doesn't have to become an obligation!)

// Rebekka posted her May desktop calendar and it's just as beautiful as all her others! It's only the 3rd of the month so pop on over, download your copy and enjoy it for the next 28 days! (Her artistic style is seriously drool worthy!)

// Molly of ViviDot fame just launched her Spring collection and I am drooling! We carry VD goodies in Honeybean and I love the bold graphics but simple shapes. This is probably my favorite pattern!

// These are my favorite shoes over at Blowfish right now, and man I want them in Ice, Red and Whiskey. (Too much? Ahh!) I love the chunky look, but soft feel!

// Lucy is giving away a Paul Mitchell Express Mini flat iron on her blog! Perfect for travel days! Pop over and enter if you're keen!

// Wishlist Wears: This dress! How cute is that print?! -- If I wore this dress I'd feel like I walked right off the set of Mad Men -- Longer dresses are what I'm all about lately and this bold frock is no different -- I always expected these sandals to be much more expensive than they are, so I think I might order a pair! 

// Instagram Favorites: (I forgot to do this last week! Doh! So here are plenty!)

What are you loving this week?
Link me to your favorite posts! By you or anyone else!


  1. I also wrote a TiLT post:

    ALSO, Loving Any of their music or style posts are amazing. Definitely a great read.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. <3

  2. I love the camper teapots and I love your Thursday posts they always brighten up my week : ]

  3. I am loving the programme Hart of Dixie, Iron Fist shoes, - funky camera straps! getting my first blog follower is also a love wahey! I am also loving the silly embroidery photo :-)

    Rach x

  4. I just wanted to pop in and say I really love your collection of lovely things every Thursday! It always puts a smile on my face. <3

  5. I love Rebekka's work,it's very pretty! The fonts on that coffee bag are awesome (is it possible to love fonts?! haha) The playground looks fun! Also,the double exposure pic & those boots are pretty rad as well! Oh,thanks for your comment yesterday! I hope this rain lets up soon! Where'd the sunshine go?! :D

  6. That picture from @punkystyle looks like Portland Maine! *sigh* I miss it.

  7. this is seriously one of my favorite weekly posts in Blogland! Thanks a bunch for curating it all, I'm sure it takes forever! :)

  8. Jeez loueez (did I spell that right? That's how I say it) at that youtube comment. I'm dying right now. We're in the middle of moving and I was reading this//read it outloud and someone dropped something. Haha.

  9. Oh! Self-promotion-begging-comment, and there will be no awkwardness if you don't want to, but would you be up for including my Self-Acceptance post in your next TILT? I'm trying to get contributors for it-- we're up to 18 so far, but I'd love to have a ton.

    Info on it: // <3

    If too awkward, don't publish this post!! Sorry. :p

    1. be sure to remind me next wednesday, but i gladly will :)

  10. HAHA the pop culture one was hilarious! My other favorites were those boots, the embroidery and the c.s. lewis quotes. This is such a great way to start a thursday :) Hope to incorporate more "regularly scheduled" posts like this on my blog soon.


  11. I'm loving skull dresses and leopard print this week. I'm also loving fall colors. lol I think I've got some sort of season-ahead disorder.

  12. I always enjoy these posts!! The embroidery piece cracks me up as well at the photos of the cats. I also really enjoyed Kyla's post on getting your blog love back. I haven't been blogging for too long but it sure is difficult at times to find the inspiration to keep at it. Oh yeah - those playgrounds are insane!! :]

  13. Okay, those camper teapots are one of the cutest things I've seen. I think I need a yellow one and you need a pink one. :)

  14. LOL The stacy's mom and luke I am your father thing, that made me laugh way more than it should have. SO great, I'd totally name my kid Luke, it's a really nice name too!


  15. do you know what lighthouse is in the instagram picture by @punkystyle? It looks like Portland Headlight in Maine, but i'm not sure (i live about 45-60 minutes away from there)

  16. I LOVE your post this week, I normally love your posts every week but seriously this post made me smile! I was so worn out from a crying toddler this afternoon (teething) and your post just made me smile and cry! That article from the women in Afghan writing poetry!!! Wow incredible.

  17. haha!! I love it all!! Esp. that embroidery + the Stacy's Mom blip!! Hilarious!! xo

  18. Hey there, hello again Thursday, they come so quickly. I adore that teapot, especially the one you mentioned was your favorite! I don't think I ever saw a teapot in the shape of a camper before. I love the whimsical playgrounds, I miss being able to play on playgrounds. I adore those worn looking boots, nothing beats a good pair of boots. I also adore the double exposure picture. Those modcloth dresses are stunning, I hope you end up with one. Haha the lazy kitty in the instagram picture is so adorable, I think one my of my cats realized I typed "kitty" because he jumped up on the desk at the same moment.



  20. I saw this blog and i thought you'd like to look through it. Check out the tutorial on making a wood cake stand.

  21. That embroidery is so perfect : )

  22. That embroidery is hilarious--I need to learn to make adorable thinglets like that. Love the other pics too, especially the kitties.

  23. I love all the things this week! Especially the CS Lewis quote and those Blowfish shoes!

  24. Lovin' that rhino gif. Cool stuff!

  25. Thanks.... it's in York, Maine. I haven't been there before, but my dad and sister have, and got pictures :)


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