Things I Love Thursday

Here's what I'm loving this week...

First and foremost, it's a very special lady's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday, Georgia!

and now for my TiLT...
coffee. ♥
this street art. ♥

this bathing suit. ♥

this panda illustration ♥

♥ all things mindy kaling. ♥

♥ gwen has the most stylish family EVER ♥


this looks beautiful ♥

this makes me want to go to the farmer's market ♥

this is art. ♥

Other Awesome Stuff:

// Wishlist Wears: If I were a 7.5 in shoes, I'd so scoop these up. -- This vintage dress is swoon-worthy  -- If you have a smaller waist than I do, you should snag this up! It's so so cute! -- This tea party dress is the best dress to ever exist -- I wish I were more prone to wearing skirts because this peach maxi is beautiful -- and I'm kind of crazy about this bathing suit for our Florida vacation in a couple of weeks!

// Jeanie recently attended a blogging conference in Australia and she shared 15 of the key points from her time there! Super helpful if you're looking to build your blog.

// Foodie Finds: Peach Mango Pineapple Sangria -- Jello Cookies (perfect for kids!) -- Zucchini Bites (yum!) -- Pancake Pops (because everything is better on a stick... haha) -- Easy Baked Tomatoes

// Amber just redesigned + rebranded her blog! You can now find her at Design Urchin! Congratulations, lady!

// These pictures on Kiley's blog are so beautiful. She shared some fun film photos from the day of the eclipse in San Jose, too.

// I've found myself poking through the archives at Pure Green Design this morning. Such pretty things!

// Instagram Favorites:



What are you loving this week?


  1. Happy happy birthday to Georgia!! Today is my furry baby's birthday (she is 6! Where does the time go?!).
    I love that Mindy Kaling quote!! She is so fantastic!!

  2. I think these are my favorite posts of yours. You always turn me on to something new. That art piece is amazing (Get up), and your dog needs to come vacation at my house. What a pudgy bundle of sweetness!

  3. I have that bathing suit haha. Its from H&m a few years ago :)

  4. TOTALLY agree about Gwen! SO CUTE <3

    XO Sahra

  5. I love your blog! (I do, I mentioned it, too:

  6. Yay for Georgia! That last picture of her sleeping made me laugh. I miss Gwen, she's always been so awesome.

  7. my favorite find this week is this...


    This girl is freakin' hilarious. She's reading 50 shades of gray and going through it chapter by chapter, and her commentary is going to be the hilarious death of me.

    If you're not reading 50 shades of gray, don't start now, just read this funny lady's commentary! it's perfect.

  8. both of those swimsuits are gorgeous! and omg the farmer's market here in nashville— i have been eating peaches i got from there all week and they are the best! you should definitely go.

  9. this made me think of you

  10. I was wondering why the traffic was higher than usual on my blog today... thanks for the mention! <3

  11. happy birthday Georgia! you are such a beautiful girl <3

  12. happy birthday to miss Georgia! another lovely TILT post-- I especially loooove that bathing suit. gotta love cute bikinis that aren't so tiny that I'd be scared to actually swim in them!

    xo Julie

    Julie Rose Sews

  13. Hey, if you like that swimsuit I'm sure you'll like the rest of her stuff. Here's Berrie's website:
    I want every single one. :)

  14. Hey, if you like that swimsuit I'm sure you'll like the rest of her stuff. Here's Berrie's website:
    I want every single one. :)

  15. Hehe, Happy belated Birthday Georgi! Georgia is literally the cutest, I love her blissful face in the first set of pictures. I love the way coffee and tea looks when you stir/pour in the cream - it's like add an insta-cloud. Gwen Stefani does have one stylish family and I love farmers markets, I really need to go to them more.


  16. I wear a 7.5 shoe, but those are already sold. Aw :(

  17. That photo is at Crater Lake here in Oregon. Truly is beautiful - in the summer, or the winter - both are breathtaking! Make a trip out here, it would be worthwhile even if just to see Crater Lake.
    I absolutely love Mindy Kaling too!


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