Stitch Fix : Round Six

'K, if you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, just click here and browse through the rest of my SF posts to get caught up! ;) I'm sure you're all tired of me explaining it by now!

Last week I received another box (I get them usually every 2-3 weeks or so) and here are the goodies that were inside! This box was just sort of "meh" to me, but I did keep 2 items. I think it was the silhouette of the dresses that threw me off. They really just weren't right for my body. I'll show you what I mean below...

Gold-Hearted Rope Statement Chain Necklace - $ 34
I'm really not one to wear jewelry at all, so I really wanted to give this one a go. I think I would've liked it even more had it not been black, but I realized I wear a lot of black tights so it kind of makes sense. My favorite part is that you can bend the necklace into different shapes... more of a "U", more of a straight line, etc. I decided to keep this one because I'd like to "branch out" just a little bit in my styling.

Aryn K Coral Colorblock Crinkle Dress - $88
This is the only other item I kept from this box. I really really really loved the colors. The coral, pink and ivory are just too darling together. The top is a little weird how it hangs off of your bust but I cheated and belted it anyway. You can tell it's belted but it fits in a much more flattering way. I really wanted it to work so I just made it happen haha. Normally I'm not for the crinkle/pleated look on myself (even though I love it), but I'm determined with this dress! (Buy it here in Mustard/Cream/Ivory!)

MM Couture Racquel Pleated Dress - $60
I felt like this dress was a really great price for what it was. I just really hate strapless dresses with the "rubberband" type top. It was also entirely too short for me. The color I could've made work, but it wasn't my favorite. It'll go to a nice loving home, I'm sure! (Buy it in Navy, Buy it in Peach!)

Jaloux Althea Sleeveless Shirt Dress - $95
This dress. Yowza! I wasn't big on the color at all! It's seriously the strangest puke green/yellow (Sorry!), and the fabric was entirely too inappropriate for summer (in my opinion. I'd sweat like crazy!). I also hate tent dresses, even if they have belts at the waist. They look horrible on my shape so this one was just a no-go as soon as I opened the box. That doesn't happen often, so I'll just admit defeat and push on! I will say that I can imagine this styled up in so many awesome ways. I just wish it would've worked for me!

Collective Concepts Colette 3/4 Sleeve Soft Jacket - $70
This was a fun new item in my box this go around, but the color just didn't suit me very well. I liked the cut and style of the little jacket, even though the pockets were awkwardly large and placed. I did enjoy the second styling of it on the stylist card though! (Similar, but cheaper!)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Overall -- good box! Not my favorite, but not every one can be. I haven't scheduled up my new Fix yet but I think I might ask for mostly, if not all, accessories. It'd be fun to see what they send, plus they tend to be much lower on the price scale. I'll let you know! ;) 

As always, if you want to give Stitch Fix a go, here's an invite to check it out! Several of you have said you ordered a box lately so let me know what you thought! xo


  1. I like the two things you chose. I would have kept the same things and given the others back like you did since I'm curvy too. That necklace is really interesting!

  2. It's kind of unexpected, but I really love that necklace. I think it falls in a really nice place with your chest piece.

  3. The colors on the dress you kept are perfect! Love it!

  4. Love what you kept, but that sleeveless dress has my name on it...literally!!!

  5. I put in a request to try it when you posted about your first box but haven't heard anything back yet, boo. :( I wonder if it has something to do with my bigger size? Anyway, love your posts about what you get! That necklace is darling!

    1. Ooh, interesting question! I bet the gals over at Stitch Fix would gladly talk to you and let you know the dealio! In my experience people receive their invitation within 2-4 days it seems! Now that you mention it I'm not sure what the size range is for SF!

    2. Hi Taylor, We're frantically trying to get more sizes 12+ in stock but we're totally over capacity in those sizes and we really don't want to disappoint you with a bad Fix. Sorry for the delay!!!

    3. I'm plus sized and haven't heard back yet, either. I haven't seen a single plus blogger talk about Stitch Fix, so I'm betting they aren't working with plus sizes yet, even though they list it as an option.

  6. Okay so I totally love everything in the box! That's too bad it didn't work out for you. Hopefully you'll love your next box : )

  7. How funny that you hate the yellow dress, it is by far my favourite thing in the box! Granted, I understand the fabric/sweat issue, but I LOVE the colour and the shape looks amazing.

    Different strokes for different folks, eh?!


  8. That coral block crinkle dress is darling!

  9. Aw, that jacket would be gorgeous in a nice navy blue or black color - oh! or charcoal gray! That green just is not my color, either. Too bad, because the shape is perfect! <3

  10. I love the coral dress, what a perfect colour scheme! If this box didn't work out quite as planned it surely means you'll get a perfect one next time though I'm sure! :)
    Faye x

  11. oooh, I love love love the dress you kept! gorgeous.

  12. I love the necklace!!! I'm a sucker for gold and black or gold and red so this is just perfect!!! I adore that coral/pink and white dress!!! I'm sure it looks lovely on you!!

    Enjoy your Wednesday!


  13. so, whatever you keep you pay for the remainder of the price, correct? i really do love that first dress!!

  14. I signed up for Stitch Fix through your blog a month or two ago, and I received my invite to receive my fix last week. Unfortunately, I'm plus size and they won't have any plus size items in until the next month or so. But, they were super cool about it, so I am looking forward to receiving my first fix sometime soon.
    Thanks for sharing, I think you made good choices in your keeper items!

    What Lola Wants

  15. I belt everything too! My waist is the smallest part of me, why wouldn't I emphasis that?

  16. I do love the coral/white dress! Perfect for summer...!

  17. I've realized that I'm a sucker for jackets! A jacket was the only thing I kept from my last fix...I couldn't bring myself to say no!!! haha. I love the necklace they sent you. So far, they've only sent me earrings as far as accessories, and I have a hard time dropping more than like $10 on earrings because I lose them...and when they're small it's not like anyone can every see them. Anyway, I should ask for a necklace or bracelet next time.

    I'm so glad you recommended this! I've loved my two boxes, and I've had a few people sign up with my referral, which is the bomb. Credits=happiness.

  18. that necklace is so unexpected— it seems simple and super versatile but without being boring! stoked to hear you're branching out in the jewelry department! i was a fashion consultant at a jewelry boutique for some time and since i had to coordinate my outfits with their pieces i ended up trying out so many different items i never would have picked out for myself originally. so yeah, i'm SUPER into the idea of just getting accessories next time!

  19. Oh my! Such lovely, lovely dresses and necklace! I must say you are one of the bloggers who has inspired me to get back into dresses! I LOVE THEM ALL! -Jessica


  20. Very nice color combination! We love it.


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