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Molly is the entreprenurial genius behind the oh so cute ViviDot line! Molly recently had her line picked up by the one and only ModCloth, so let's join in on giving her a big ol' congratulations! Enjoy her guest post today, then pop on over and see what she's all about!
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My husband, Duncan, and I got married just over 6 months ago in a neighborhood slightly south of Seattle called Georgetown. Not only did we fall in love with our wedding venue, but also all of the quirky and fun places nearby. On the top of that list is the always amazing Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. 
 A graveled side street is lined with eight vintage trailers stocked with locally made a rt, vintage and indie designer's clothing and accessories. Last time I wandered through I came home with a dainty milk glass vase, a super sized, embroidered rooster patch and a miniature handmade porcelain cow skull. How's that for variety!? 
Bring your dudes because this place ain't just for ladies. From camping and sporting gear to fifties era barware, your friends of the masculine persuasion will be excited to dig through all of the treasures too. 
The shop owners and friendly and ready to tell stories about their finds. They are usually cooking up something to eat and hanging with the other vendors as they allow shoppers to wander through their trailers and pick through their always changing inventory. 
If you're in the Seattle area on a Saturday I highly recommend making the trip to the Trailer Park Mall. There are a lot of tasty places to grab a bite to eat nearby too so you can make a day of it. I hope you enjoyed my little tour of a favorite weekend destination here in Seattle. Now if only I could get Kaelah to drive her cute little mobile boutique up to the Pacific Northwest.... hint, hint. 

If you're interested in finding out more about my company, Vivi Dot, I'd love for you to check out my online shop, blog, and tweets. Don't be a stranger though and make sure to say hi! 

Thanks for having me Kaelah!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!! If I ever make it to Seattle I am absolutely going to go here. So fun!! And congrats on the Mod Cloth pick up!

  2. thank you so much for sharing this!
    i spend my summers in seattle, while visiting my dad,
    and i am always looking for new things to do over there :)
    xo, cheyenne

  3. That place sounds like hoarder heaven. And congratulations on the mod cloth pick up, I'll definately check our your stuff

  4. That's so cool! When I finally get around to visiting my family in Portland, I'll make it a point to get to Georgetown!


  5. Congratulations on having your line picked up by ModCloth and thanks for this great guest post! The Georgetown neighborhood totally rules. I don't drive so it's a little out of my way, but I try to make it down for work-related parties, which are right next to the Trailer Park mall on Second Saturday Art Attack. Super fun area and so many yummy places to grab a bite. :)

  6. I have lived in Seattle for almost 7 years and HAD NO IDEA about the trailer park mall! (I live in North Seattle.) OH MY WORD I need to go!!!

  7. So exciting that your line was picked up by Modcloth! Congratulations! And oohhh boy, the trailer park mall! Now that looks like a place my husband would definitely ban me from visiting. ;)


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