Things I Love Thursday

I need to stop leaving my TiLT posts to do until Thursday morning! I get overwhelmed by so many awesome things! This one may seem a little bit short/rushed (in the links departement) but that's because we've got to get down to Columbia to pick up a weedeater, pressure washer, and other fun household goodies that adults usually have. Like how I keep reminding you that I'm an adult? Yeah, it's weird for me, too. ;) Here's my weekly list of wonderful!
this stunning picture ♥
this typography and quote ♥
this incredible photorealistic painting by pedro campos ♥
♥ this is nyc in 1955! ♥
♥ i'd be inspired to write in this notebook ♥
this kitten in a hammock. i know. ♥
♥ i can't get over this 'shoop of mason + scott disik! ♥
♥ this dream kitchen! (i always have a dream kitchen to share!) ♥
♥ this makes me think of my shoe collection haha! ♥
♥ this. exactly. ♥

Other Awesome Things:
// Foodie Finds: Blueberry Pancake Cupcakes // Banana (+ Nutella!) Sushi (totally going to make this for Toby next week!) // Chocolate Oreo Snack Cakes // Zucchini Chips // and perfect for the already-here Summer weather: Blended Strawberry Lemonade... oh em gee.

// This DIY garden is definitely inspiring! I can't wait til we actually put some effort into our raised beds! Cross your fingers we do that this weekend while Toby is visiting with his grandparents!

// Ever given an audible "WTF?" or side-eye to Pinterest projects? This website is for you! 

// I probably shouldn't find this website as funny as I do, butttttttttt oh well. You might like it, too.

// Mike just sent me a link to this site: The TuTu Project. I have to admit, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I opened the page and was in awe of this man in his pink tutu, then I read his story. It's kind of an awesome one. I'd totally put his book on my coffee table. The pictures, even with the funny context, are stunning. It's worth a gander, I promise!

// I'd be the happiest girl in the world if all of these dresses just magically plopped into my closet. Especially the sleeveless solid pink cotton dress. Has there ever been a more perfect dress?! (With a way out of my budget price tag!)

// If I only get one thing for my birthday (next Friday!), I really really really hope it's this! (And you know... my car detailed, too!) -- This dress would be so perfect for a summer picnic -- I'd really like to try this lipstick, and maybe this blush, too! (What are your favorite brands/shades?!) -- And finally, this dress. It's alllll kinds of ridiculous, but in the best way!

// In awesome-for-KB news we have: I upped my Birch Box subscription for a full year and I'm stoked to maybe start sharing what's inside! -- and I received my second Stitch Fix shipment yesterday! I loved 4 out of the 5 pieces, and the kicker: it's cheaper for me to keep all 5 than it would be the 4. I haven't made my final decision yet but I'll share the contents and outcome later this weekend! Any other subscription boxes that you might recommend?

What are you loving this week?


  1. Love that first image is just gorgeous! and the NYC one is amazing.


  2. I feel you on the Orla dresses. The orange Ric Rac one is driving me nuts.


  3. I was JUST looking at Orla Kiely when I found out that one of Kate Middleton's dresses was made by them. Couldn't find the one I was looking for though, POUT.

  4. I love this list of things! I am totally swooning over the Orla Kiley dresses too, and sadly out of my budget as well! *whomp*

    Also, I'm kind of just realizing this because you posted your birthday is Friday...we are eerily similar! I am going to sound so super stalker when I say all of this, but I swear I'm not... I just My birthday is Monday, so we have birthdays a week apart, your anniversary is December 5th (?) Mine is December 6th, and were getting married a month and a day apart...not to mention all of the other awesome things you like, that I like too!

    Best friend material? I'm thinking yes! ;) I *swear* I've just been reading your blog for a while, I'm not internet stalking! haha

    Hope you have a great Thursday!
    xo, Meghan

  5. Ha. That kitten hammock is insane. I love it and would totally get one.


  6. I love that first picture! It's so cute!

  7. Oh my goodness I love all those pictures!
    That kitchen is amazing and I laughed so hard at the Mason/Scott swap. Scott's face is epic - he looks like a goblin from Harry Potter!

  8. amazing and so funny! :))

  9. if you're looking for subscription boxes, I love my monthly Eco-Emi! it focuses on all-natural and organic products. I've gotten samples of candy, laundry detergent, shampoo, even socks one month! (in addition to makeup and skincare) I really like it!

  10. I've seen a lot of those photo realistic paintings, they are AMAZING. And the pinterestareyoudrunk website is hilarious. :D

    xx Jessica

  11. That kitten is adorable and I want that garden to be mine. I already have 2 somewhat successful gardens, but seriously that one is ever so lovely. I don't know if you were curious about lipstick or blush shades, but currently my favorite lipstick is Lancolm's Midnight Rose. (It's a pretty scent too).

  12. I would love to see what you got in your Stitch Fix shipment! I'm thinking about doing it and we have a similiar style so I wanna see! :)

    <3 Rae

  13. Ooh, definitely want to see what came in your Stitchfix shipment! I just got my first today and it was definitely an experience.

  14. Wow I LOVE that first picture!

  15. Wow. I LOVE that first picture!

  16. AAAHH fantastic!

    that dream kitchen has the most perfect shade of pastel pink to it. lately i've been wanting EVERYTHING to be that color...

    also, "pinterest, you are drunk" is awesome.
    some ideas just need to be left alone

  17. Oh my littlest pet shop! I cannot believe that painting is..a painting! Wowzers.

  18. AH! that painting is CRAZYYYYYYYYYY and i love the kitten in the hammock

  19. I can't believe that is a painting, it is so insanely realistic! I've always found deer to be very cute, my boyfriend says they smell...

    Kittens! Kittens in a hammock! Awww.

    That Photoshopped picture keeps making me laugh every time I stroll up. I love seeing vintage pictures of New York City, so much has changed and yet stayed the same, the thing that amazes me is how crazy busy NYC is now - it was crowded and busy then but now it is 5 times that.


  20. Haha great finds!
    That photoshop face swap is so trippy, I love it haha!


  21. I'm so observe with stitch fix now. Thanks a lot! Ha it is so perfect for me. I've convinced a bunch of friends to try it out too. Can't wait to see what you get next! My next box should be here soon too!

  22. This is one of my favorite TiLT posts ever. <3

    That mountain photo is lovely. Makes me miss Wy/Co even more.

    I thought that painting was a photography. Freaky!

    I want to see NYC in the 50's! The Doctor and Rose Tyler tried to go there, but ended up in London. *Doctor Who reference*

    That kitchen is gorgeous, and I love the pink Pyrex. I'm determined to get some sometime.

    And I love all those dresses you want. You have such a rockin' style! Love love love. <3

  23. Have you tried glossybox?

    I saw it over at Milkteef blog and thought why not! Got the AU one love it!

    Quite cheap too!

    cant wait to see your stitch fix post, they're too small for me :( so bummed

  24. I just love your blog!!! I also LOVE some subscription boxes...and since you have a new little one staying at your place you may want to try When my nephews come to stay I order them for a couple of months. It helps keep them busy when we aren't swimming and they are not glued to the tv!

    They are a little more expensive than some of the beauty ones I get but I think they are so worth the money.

    Keep up the awesome posts!!! You make my job more tolerable!!!

  25. Hello!!! I just love your blog! I also LOVE subscription boxes!!! I wanted to pass along one I have used in the past for when my nephews have stayed with me. It is called Babba Box. They are great! They are a little expensive but when I only have my nephews a couple of weeks this keeps them busy! I usually get two months and they are excited to be getting mail at another location than their home!

    Your blog help me tolerate my job so a big THANK YOU!!!!

  26. I love that first photo sooooo much.

  27. That WTF pinterest site is hilarious. And that cat in the hammock? So cute!

    ♥ sécia

  28. Photorealism creeps me out! It's not right to be that talented haha!

    Also, that dream kitchen is pretty much my dream kitchen too!



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