Things I Love Thursday

Thanks for all of your sweet + uplifting words last night in reply to my "no good terribly bad day" haha. I'm happy to report that things have been not so bad since! We finally got Honeybean contracts sent out last night, Mike read to Toby before bed, and we even got to sleep in until just a smidge past 9 this morning! I'm glad I opted to go to bed early last night because that extra sleep makes me feel loads better. Now I just need some coffee! To keep the happy streak going, let's look at pretty things!

this pretty notebook ♥
♥ this dresser! ♥
this! i mean... c'mon! ♥
♥ this shouldn't be as funny as it is. ♥
♥ this is a beautiful tattoo. ♥
♥ this lovely advice. ♥
this should be the only thing on my TiLT. LOVE! ♥
this is a bit gross AND adorable. ♥
♥ these sweet lil ducklings. ♥

Other Awesome Things:
// If you're looking for an ultra sweet, simple and super cute garnish for your cupcakes, look no further! This is pretty darn cute!

// I was poking through the pages of Ambry Lane and I totally love this cardigan. Never can have too many! And this purse is adorable, too! Quilted + chains + bows?! Count me in!

// I can't help but love so much of the Spring stuff over at LuLu*s right now. Even though I won't be buying them, I sure do like to look! Like this prairie winds dress, this tan/yellow bag, and this skull ring.

// Rebecca from Manzanita has become one of my favorite bloggers/IGers to follow, and her non-wedding wedding is high up there with my favorites! They married themselves because that's legal in Colorado! So neat!

// Charley and her boyfriend have pretty much the cutest studio apartment in San Francisco ever. Their view!

// Brittany just shared her first outfit post on her blog and she looks darling! I wish I could pull off colored jeans like she does! Congrats, Brittany! I hope this is the first of many OOTD to come!

// Dana used to design tshirts for a company called Burnt Toast and she has a nice little stack of tees to give away on her blog! Pop on over and see if you could win one of the shirt bundles! They're super fun!

// Melanie shared a cute and super simple paper flower tutorial on her blog! They'd make the perfect little decor for your office desk!

// A few blogs I'm currently loving: one, two (carmen's blog is just so pretty to look at!), and three.

// I'm loving this dress (named after THIS super adorable style blogger!), these wedges (a much more practical heel than I typically gravitate toward), and a few salt and pepper shakers that i want to add to my collection: one, two, three (I actually own about 12 sets of the vintage version! They're in Honeybean!), four, five (I have these too, but they're too sweet not to share!). (I know. Too many. But I love them!)

// 50 delicious smoothie recipes, Basic oven omelet recipe (Yum! Totally need to make this for breakfast tomorrow), and now breakfast omelet muffins... Seriously. Breakfast is the best. And for good measure: Grilled zucchini ribbon salad!

// We're going to end this TiLT post with this. Because I'd like to teleport there right now. It's rainy and gray in Nashville... this looks like heaven!

What are you loving this week?


  1. i love that little unicorn puppy! it's so cute!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. Oh my, I definitely need to put ducklings in my sink! That is far too cute! xx

  3. My childhood dresser that I still have looks a lot like the dresser in the second picture, except mine is white with black handles, I really should paint it. I actually own a pair of crocs, they're flip flops mind you but yeah, I'm not proud of it but lol they're pretty comfy. I have back problems, okay! Kidding, although I do...

    That possum picture is so ridiculously adorable. I aww'ed at it for about 10 minutes. I can't believe it is Thursday again, sheesh.


  4. hello unicorn dog!!! And that opossum is TOO funny!! poor little guy! He just wanted a little something sweet! ;) and I LOVE that dresser + the collection of paints above it!! *swoon*

  5. I love love love that first quote covered journal. Also, color sample food?! Oh my lord. I also love the opossum and the duckies. ♥ I am such an animal lover!

    Also, so many delicious links to bite my teeth into! Thank you!!!

  6. I love all the pics and links you posted! How adorable are these ducklings And the unicorn pup?! Aawww :D
    I also love the prairie wind dress, best print ever!

  7. Thank you so much for your TILT posts. Whenever I am having a bad day, or just feel a low or negative, these posts always cheer me up! Happiness is the key to a good life! <3

  8. you always have the best inspirational posts, love this

  9. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
    is that dresser your dresser? i loooove it. if i didnt live with a boy i would take that dresser and make it mine. i love girly frills and pinks.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  10. thanks for liking our little wedding! It was so special for us to be able to marry ourselves!

  11. I'm happy to hear things are looking up for you, those 'nothing seems to go right' days are the worst especially if they happen a couple days in a row!

    As for those little ducklings in the sink they are are so cute! My fiance and I are building a house in WV in an old apple orchard and we are planning on getting a couple little ducks and chicks once we are done! I'm pretty darn excited about it!

    Little Lady Little City

  12. That unicorn puppy photo is quite possibly the cutest thing i have seen!

  13. I love the fat possum. How precious! A little gross, but also cute! :)

  14. that silly kitty cracks me up..reminds me of my zizi!! i'm always snapping photos of her with her tongue sticking out haha

  15. Hahaha! What an amazing collection! :p The crocheting cat and that postcard about Crocs are the best!

    Happy Thursday!

  16. ohh I love the bug tattoo. Do you know who did it?

    1. sadly no i don't! i tried finding a source but wasn't successful!

  17. Love everything in that Etsy shop where the journal is from! Don't know if I would be able to bear actually writing in something that cute though! And those Pantone fruit pictures are amazing, I love them!

  18. They all all so lovely, especially the Pantone fruits! Just found your blog and loving it!

  19. The possum and the pastries is too funny!

  20. oh my goodness! The cat is killing me!!! I can't stop watching. :)

  21. i'm glad things are looking better again :)
    and that tweet about the possum and pastries is hilarious!
    xo, cheyenne

  22. Omg that bug tattoo <3 do you sill have its tumblr? Anything!?


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