Spring is Coming!

I can't believe it's already mid-March. Spring is next week! My birthday is in 2 weeks! There are thunderstorms in the forecast! So many exclamation points!!! I absolutely love spring. I do wish the trees would all bloom just a leeeeettle bit earlier so it'd always be pretty on my birthday, but I'm always so enthralled with the idea of beginning anew and enjoying being outside. Of course in Nashville that's usually short lived because it goes from being "incredibly cold" (by our standards) to being blazing hot with a bajillion percent humidity. Gotta love living in the South! Just thinking about a southern summer makes me start sweating haha It was pretty cold this weekend... but check out our forecast: ridiculous. (and kind of awesome, too).

There are so many things I'm looking forward to since we now live in an actual house. The excitement doesn't stop there though. Spring brings so many new and fun things to the table... things I don't realize I miss until it's frigid and windy and my toes forever feel like they're going to fall off. Here's what I'm looking forward to this Spring (and maybe summer, too since those are basically the same thing here):

// Wearing dresses without tights! (I recently snagged a handful of longer-hemmed dresses so I can actually enjoy being tightsless without the constant fear that I'm flashing someone. I'm so over these teensy short dresses!)

// Planting flowers in our front yard! (I have very black thumbs, but I think with the help and guidance of Terri and my mom, I can totally rock a stellar flowerbed or two!)

// Putting up our fence in the backyard for Toby and the dogs to enjoy

// Grilling out on our back patio and enjoying the sunshine

// Getting Honeybean back out in Nashville! (Seriously, if you live in the area, you better come see us this year!)

// Going on picnics to the park, day dates to the zoo, and teaching Toby how to ride a bike (Mike bought Toby his first bike over a year ago, so we're excited for him to actually start riding it!)

// Working with the windows open! (Already doing this... and it's awesome)

// Spring cleaning and donating a bunch of stuff that we have no use for anymore (We've already taken about 4 boxes worth of stuff to the Southern Thrift a few blocks from our house. It's insane what we've collected over the years and continue to tote from one house to the next!)

// Open toed shoes!
(Since my giant platform/ugly shoes have since been rendered slightly less appropriate, I'm eager to find some cute brown sandals to pair with some pretty spring dresses!)

// Hosting dinners and cookouts at our house with our friends. Having people over and using any ol excuse to have a fun little party

// Lots and lots and lots of photos to remember all of this by.

It's so exciting to feel this happy and complete with our life right now. We have our tough days (who doesn't?!) but I don't think I've ever been quite this satisfied with life. I'm going to do my best to enjoy absolutely ever second of it because I know in just a matter of weeks it's going to be so darn hot and humid, I'll be cursing life! :P

What are you looking forward to this Spring?!  (or Autumn if you're on the other side of the world!)


  1. I definitely share your excitement about Spring! It's definitely a wonderful time of year, though sadly short-lived. Rhett LOVES cooking out, so I'm sure we'll do that quite a bit and hang out on the back deck :)

    I want to come visit you guys and Honeybean again this year! I hope it works out that I can venture to Nashville during the flea market. I need to go look at the dates.

  2. it's the opposite here, going into autumn and eventually winter. Cannot wait.

    Am over the 44 degree C days! BLAH!


    us at the moment -.-

    But woo dresses without tights is nice!

  3. Spring is enticing me as well. I've been out in the yard doing whatever projects I can knowing that while it's sunny now, we still can have some snow. The trees here are starting to bud and bloom, the butterflies are appearing again and the birds are singing. I'm ready for the warmer weather!

  4. I'm loving the longer days of light. More time to get outside and rock in the rockers on our front porch, ride bikes and play homerun derby in the front yard with the kiddos!

  5. It's sooo true. I was just telling the Mister this week that next week, it will be Summer and we'll have the air conditioning on. It's wacky here in the South. I'm looking forward to getting some herbs going again. I love harvesting from my little pots on the patio. :)

  6. Spring!! Today I took my class at work outside and we blew bubbles, drew with sidewalk chalk, and created collections of similar objects. It's absolutely delightful outside. <3

  7. Looking forward to seeing Honeybean!! (We live in east nashville... sounds like you do too!)

  8. YESSSS I love Tennessee springs! I feel so bad for people who have allergies and are miserable this time of year :( The thunderstorms are one of my favorite parts too, even if it does mean I can't ride my bike when it's raining.

    I am so excited for lounging around the house with the windows open - I finally have a house with screens & working windows! YEAH! I've already started sewing up a mass of summer dresses & cotton slips in anticipation. And I'm really excited for the stuff to start blooming so I can go to the farmer's market & stock up on fresh herbs to plant on my windowsill & also in the front yard - I want my whole yard to be covered in mint. Haaa my landlord is gonna hate me.

  9. I can't wait for Spring and expect a little something for your birthday ;) I love Spring cleaning and redecorating the house! I can't wait to start planting my very first garden!! Ahhh I'm so excited!!


  10. I'm looking forward to open toed shoes, spring dresses, and leaving the windows open for sleeping!!

  11. It's so nice out today!!! I was able to wear a dress w/no tights and NO ONE stared at me. I've done it a few times last month but people gave me the crazy eye.

    Happy almost birfdayyy. :p

  12. Doesn't this weather just make you feel so happy? It does to me :)

  13. i am determined to be able to have the windows open this year. the people who lived here before us painted over them so we haven't been able to open them in the tree years we've been here! we definitely need an airing out!
    can't wait to come see the honeybean (and say hi this time. haha)

  14. Sounds like a lovely spring! I'm looking forward to the cherry blossom and not having to wear a big jacket everywhere and not having frozen fingers if I go for a walk with my camera.

  15. this is what we consider a hot Summer weather! our forecast says it's gonna be around 23 to 40F this week and i was thinking oh how warm it's getting! not anymore :D. greetings from the Scandinavia.

  16. I am looking forward to spring. Baby girl and I have lots of adventures outdoors to look forward to.

  17. I'm so looking forward to bare legs. I also love not having to layer. So nice. Getting dressed goes so much quicker. xo, rv


  18. I'm looking forward to the cold shorter days. We don't snow in Cape Town, except ontop of mountains, so icy cold winds blowing off the sea it is for me :)

  19. I AMin the Nashville area, I so look forward to checking Honeybean out!

    I am also looking forward to the zoo! I just recently purchased our first membership, so I foresee a ton of visits this summer. Spring is fantastic. :)

  20. I can't wait to wear layers again, ooh and jeans and boots! I am excited about cool crisp air here in the country and brisk winter walks and camping.
    It is weird though...we didn't really have much of a Summer here so it is strange to feel it getting cooler.

  21. i'm looking forward to spring because that means summer [and my birthday] are just around the corner! and i totally know what you mean about the heat down south.

    life spelled jen

  22. Hi Kaelah!

    Sometimes I wish I lived in Tennessee. I live in Florida and I am greatly missing the tiny winter we had! Spring for us means hot hot hot!

    I was just wondering what kind of fence you were going to put up for your dogs???

    My husband and I are looking to rent a house soon, and the fence thing is becoming a problem! We have two pugs and we absolutely want a fence for them, but I'm having troubles coming up with a solution for the fenceless houses! :(

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)

  23. I am enjoying these last few weeks of "okay" weather here in Florida as well, before it's scorchingly miserable. It gets to the point during the summer that I can't walk my dogs unless its 6-7am otherwise its already too hot for my baby that suffers seizures.

  24. It's super rainy, windy and gloomy in San Francisco but I'm freaking out over springtime! I'm so ready.


  25. So ready for springtime! And I'm SO done with tights! Glad someone else feels the same. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  26. I love spring, too. It's my favorite season ever. I love watching everything bloom and grow, and - much as I love tights - I love the ability to go bare-legged. <3

  27. Its turning Autumny here.. I'm looking forward to sitting by my fire with books and tea, flurries of rainbow leaves, and chunky knit cardis and scarves, ohh and new boots.

    Spring for you means seasonal sales online for us yipee.. I'm not so looking forward to rain at preschool though. <3

  28. i'm so jealous you get to experience spring! it's the prettiest season for me. but sadly, we only experience extremes here in the desert. :(

    advanced happy birthday by the way! :)

  29. Aww Kaelah! You have me craving Spring soooo bad now! We have just started Autumn/Fall, so its a long wait ahead now :(
    I loved this post!
    Sway xxx

  30. so happy spring is finally coming! i can't wait to spend hours in the park, wearing dresses and sunglasses, bbq'ing, festivals, long chatsessions outside with friends, food and drinks and so much more!
    xo, cheyenne


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