Things I Love Thursday

OH MY STARS. y'all! The kindness and supportive words you left on yesterday's post (and the millions of tweets, emails, texts, and Tumblr Asks!) were totally overwhelming. I went back and re-read them all a few times and I think I cried every. single. time. I've had friends and blog readers offer up clothes for Toby, endless amounts of advice, and resources to check out for our new adventure. I'm blown away. There truly are no words for the amount of gratitude I have for each and every one of you. It's so easy to forget that real live people read this blog daily... maybe the shield of the computer screen and miles and miles of distance helps camouflage that, but I'm so elated that you drop by here! That reminds me... I need to finish a post on this very topic soon! Anyway, let's look at pretty things!

these sweet girls and their sweet dresses ♥

this is the most factual statement ever. ♥

this pretty print of a pretty city + colour song. ♥

♥ the cutest lemonade stand there ever was. ♥

this The Smiths painting ♥


this sentiment. ♥

♥ this is the coolest slide to ever exist! ♥

♥ this ball of wrinkles.  ♥

♥ this is very accurate. ♥

Other Awesome Things:

// I am in love with these party invites and might use them as an excuse to throw a little party at our new home this Summer!

// This is a such an awesome furniture restyle! A thrift store TV cart turned stylish bedside table. 

// A few blogs that I'm totally loving right now: one, two, and three.

// I'm super stoked on the new arrow bangle bracelet I just got in the mail from PoshLocket!

// I tagged Susannah in my 11 Things post, and she just posted hers! Check it out! (Leave a comment below with a link to your post if you did the 11 Things meme!)

// I've been going through the product pages of Shana Logic this morning and I'm totally enamored with this little (Prince!) fox ring. (It also comes as a locket necklace + there's a squirrel version too!)

// I want ALL of these headbands to get into my house. ESPECIALLY this one!

// I know Toby is a little young for this still, but this is such a neat idea! We're slowly teaching him how to save his "coins" and put them in a piggy bank in his room (so he can buy toys), and this is such a fun way to let them earn it. (I also love the idea of "Mom bucks") I promise I won't turn into a mommy blog though! ;)

// I'm loving the oars as the headboard in this sweet home tour!

// Okay... Baked oatmeal, with strawberries, bananas and chocolate! I know. Yum! -- And puff pastry waffles filled with jam. I want to try these. -- Baked eggplant fries (+ 9 other ways to cook eggplant!) -- I don't know what Chicken Broccoli Supreme is, but I think I'd like to eat it. :)

// This is a really great Victory Roll Tutorial. I still don't think I'd ever be able to do it on my own, but that's more because I really hate following directions. 

// Need an album for your rad Instax Mini photos? Here you go! So cute.

What are you loving this week?

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  1.!! and omg, i want that slide!!! :P <3

  2. I did the 11 Things meme a bit ago. Here's the link!

    Love your blog so much, Kaelah.

  3. I did the 11 things about me as well!

  4. That waterside and the last quote is my favorite! So true!


  5. Thanks for the link to my victory roll tutorial! Not gonna lie, I was a bit giddy when your blog showed up in my referrals. Your style inspires me.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  6. Kaelah, you have NO idea how flattered I am that you mentioned my blog as one you're loving right now! this made my day (week? MONTH? YES!) Biggest compliment ever, coming from you! Seriously.

    The slide through a shark tank and adorable wrinkly puppy make me SO happy. The "smile when it's raining" print too. So presh!


  7. i've definitely been through the water slide - it's the one in atlantis that goes through the shark tank/aquarium right? it's AWESOME

    that puppy is SO cute

  8. I love your things you love thursday :) Thanks for sharing cutie!
    Love and Turtledoves,

  9. You would definitely be your own kind of Mama Bear and there's nothing wrong with that AT ALL :D I'm so happy for your family && I'd love to hear more about your adventures.

    You became a mom just like the rest of us - suddenly && in a split second! We're all the same :D

  10. You know I think you'd make a pretty badass mommy blogger myself ;)

    i did the 11 Things Meme too! Woohoo!

  11. Hmm, I can't tell if Blogger ate my comment. Basically I wanted to say that you'd be an awesome mommy blogger, and that I did the 11 Things Meme as well :)

  12. I always look forward to you Things I Love Thursday posts! I think I'm going to need to institute this as a tradition on my blog, though I like starting my Sundays with Lazy Sunday Links. Hmmm...

  13. I love the first and last photo in this post! Those girls are so cute (the 50's is my favorite style decade), and that quote is awesome. I know so many people who just don't understand that. :-P

  14. great list, thanks for sharing

  15. I have limp noodle hair and I was able to do victory rolls(with like a gallon of hairspray), with your hair abilities I think you could do it.

  16. Sweet tea makes everything better!! :)

  17. It is wonderful to see the sense of community you can get via the internet. <3 Can't wait to start seeing updates about Toby soon!

    <3 <3 I love the summer dresses in the first picture they are so cute & I would love to get my hands on these!

    -Madeline Grace
    Just Let the Sparrows Fly

  18. So much awesomeness in one post! Thanks for sharing :D
    xo Heather

  19. That sweet tea thing.... love love love it!

  20. First of all, I'm so flattered you included my blog. I think I'm still a little red! :)

    And everything about this post is making me wish it were summer, as if I needed another reason. I cannot wait. Those popsicle invites are adorable! I think I should send out actual invites to social events more often. It's becoming a lost gesture, it seems.

  21. I MUST go through that water slide! Thrilling. I love the randomness of today's assembled thoughts. You rock!

  22. I love your TILT posts! I always clear my browser so I can open most of the links in new tabs. Love the City & Colour print :)

  23. Ahh the quotes you find are the best!! I did an 11 things post earlier this week: :)

  24. Those dresses are dreamy. Swoon...

  25. Loving your Thursday loves! Those dresses in the first image comes from an awesome UK dressmaker called Tara Starlet -

    1. ooh thank you grace! i'll add the link as the source now and definitely check them out! so dreamy!

  26. I love the City & Colour quote <3


  27. I love your Thursday posts!

    I did the 11 Things here:

  28. I really love those dresses from Tara Starlet and that Chalkboard quote is so true!!! Thanks for sharing!

  29. i did the 11 things meme but with a twist! ;)

    i do a weekly "10 things Tuesday" feature on my blog, so for this meme, I did it a little differently!

  30. omg - i havent' seen that 'i fight like a girl' picture for years!!

  31. That water slide is at the Golden Nugget hotel in Las Vegas! It's the coolest thing!

  32. I love the first picture, the girl in the middle looks a little like Jessica Chastain? Their dresses are gorgeous. I just got back from a vacation to the south and I will miss proper sweet tea so much, the sweet tea was sooo good everywhere we went. I wish Northerners would learn the sweet tea secret! I love 'The Smiths' and that water slide is so awesome, do you know where it is?


  33. I would be so down if you did some mom blogging. I'd love to see your take on balancing style and kids. It must be so crazy to suddenly have a 3 year old! My son is 18 months and I can't even imagine having no kid one day and a toddler the next. Madness! But so much fun, I hope. Maybe you could blog about some kid stuff every 2 weeks or something. ;)

  34. I agree with many of the comments above -- I would totally support you "mom blogging" it up! I am not yet a parent but you have a great writing style and a beautiful perspective on the universe... I can't wait to hear more of your stories about life and your family!

    However LCH proceeds in the future... I will keep reading!

    dana in canada

  35. Hi!

    Cute blog!
    Thanks so much for featuring my "I like people who smile when it's raining" illustration among these gorgeous finds!

    Please can you link back to it here:

    Thanks :)


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