Things I Love Thursday

this ice cream sandwhich dress? don't mind if i do! ♥
this article on gay pride events in uganda is so eye opening ♥
this art by chris larson ♥
♥ the H&M kids fall collection. must get for Toby! ♥
this quote ♥
♥ this is my dream car ♥
this tiny armadillo ♥
these mango vanilla yogurt popsicles ♥
this cat is her own fraternal twin... oddly fascinating! ♥
♥ basically how i feel about all sharks. misunderstood, they are! ♥

Other Awesome Stuff:

// Did you grow up loving Recess on Saturday mornings? Well, you probably want to watch this...

// Y'all remember Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was verbally abused by students on video? The Indie Go Go campaign to give Karen a $5,000 vacation quickly amassed a total over $700,000... Karen is using $100,000 of that to start the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. Seriously, so awesome.

// Love Emily's hair tutorial! So chic and simple.

// Catching up on Marisa's blog has left me craving a Staycation, and maybe that beautiful handmade nail polish rack in her house! Is that not perfect or what?!

// Wishlist Wears: This plaid shirt (for Mike!) -- This is the best floral print ever! -- Blushy pink will always be my favorite color -- Dress with mint and polka dots? Count me in :D -- This dress reminds me of Pretty Woman... you know, when she's at the polo match? -- This perfect purse -- And this dress! It's just enough "Dorothy meets Pinup" to be perfect!

// Day One, Day Two and Day Three of Roxy's trip to Paris! Swoon!

// Smart Girl's Guide To Changing A Tire -- would've been prime knowledge for me to have just two weeks ago!

// This post is one of the sweetest.

// I wonder how much Mike would protest if I bought this pillow for our room...

// Rachael from The Paraders is getting ready to launch her first vintage-inspired dress collection. And you could help! Pop on over to check out the Kickstarter campaign for it and throw a few bucks her way! Help a lady make her dream come true.

What are you loving this week?


  1. great things!

  2. AHHH I saw that kids H&M stripes blazer yesterday and vowed that I NEED to get it for my nephew haha! Love it :)



  3. Ice cream sandwich dress??? Your blog is becoming not good for my wallet... ;)


  4. Wow that cat is so cool!& I love that post on Uganda! & that is exactly how I feel about Sharks too! xx

  5. That cat is the strangest thing! I can't believe it's just a 50/50 split straight down the middle. BAM! So crazy!!

  6. I can't stop "awing" at the armadillo, so small and cute! ♥ This Thursay didn't start out very well, but after reading this, I feel better xx

  7. Oh my, that car is so dreamy! I've also been following all the Ugandan gay pride stories, they're so brave.
    Faye x

  8. I love that dress. It would look perfect on you with your pink hair! :) xx

    Endometriosis my life with you

  9. Loved the dress the most... until I saw that shark thing. Oh my goodness!
    xo Heather

  10. Just love your links, as always {and thanks for saving a boring afternoon in my office!}

  11. that cat! crazy awesome. recess! my little bro loved it so i watched funny. i need that floral print in my color combo ever!

  12. I love the shark comic! Your photos always put a smile on my face. Thanks for such a great post! :)

  13. I'm just like Satin and Souffles, i like this article about Uganda and stuff 'bout shark

  14. Oh my word! That art! The snow and the icicles on that little house. Incredible. I've just found your blog--love this feature.

    AND DEAR GOD YOU HAVE THE BEST HAIR. I can't even get over it. My dream hair. :)

    the Reverie blog

  15. Loved the sharks pic!!! :-) thanks!
    another cool thing - a painting giveaway at our blog ;-) just an invitation..

  16. Sharks are definitely misunderstood, I always get super annoyed when I hear stories of people trying to track down the shark that bit someone so they can "punish it", it's an animal! I love that ice cream sandwich dress, one day I too shall own a food print dress. All kinds of yay for Uganda gay pride! Those little boys look so dapper and that kitty is soo amazing looking, I want that kitty. I love the flamingo pillow, Dorothy meets pinup dress, and any post where someone is sharing vacation pictures (especially to Paris!!). I bookmarked the how to change a tire page as well because I really need to learn the ins and outs of minor car repairs.


  17. May I add a thing I love? It's your blog! I just found you via Pinterest. Spent the last hour clicking around. Love it! Oh, and I have a bulldog too. Her name is Honey Ham! : )

  18. I could TOTALLY see you in that car! :)
    - Mandi

  19. Oh my gosh, that baby armadillo is too precious for words. I love your Thursday posts, another great collection of things!

  20. Oh GOD! How much did I love this list??
    1. I can't wait to have little ones of my own to dress up. I don't believe in "regular" kids clothing with characters and whatnot on there. Kids are little people, why can't they have setyle as well?

    2. Charles bukowski quote? PERFECT for today, even though today is Friday.

    3.I've been seeing that picture of that cat a lot lately, and while it kind of creeps me out, I still find it oddly fascinating.

    4.LOLZ at the shark comic

    5. That RECESS video? Probably the BEST THING I've seen all week! Ugh, I miss that cartoon and wish they would run it again on the disney channel or something. Heck, even netflix!

  21. Please tell me where you got that shark cartoon from! :)

  22. Thanks for this.. these posts always make me smile. Thanks especially for providing the article about Pride in Uganda it was amazing to read and it was an inspirational story.

  23. Thanks for the sweet mention! :)


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