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Well hey there! I'm Emily from The Morose Bee and I am so honored to be posting on Little Chief Honeybee. Kaelah's blog is one of my favorites and I always looks forward to reading her posts. I'm an art teacher, a ceramic studio slave, and every now and then I manage to keep up with my Etsy shop and my blog. Most importantly, my life completely revolves around working with kids. They are so full of joy and unyielding passion about nearly everything in their small little worlds and doing art projects with children is the most fulfilling job I could ever ask for. But, let's be honest, it's thoroughly exhausting and so difficult to maintain a sense of self let alone a sense of style. With wonderfully regular appearances of Toby now on Little Chief Honeybee, I thought this was the perfect time to share a post on some tips regarding style and working with kids. 

I realize there are so many wonderful mom bloggers out there sharing "Mama Style" and they totally rock! However, what about the people that spend 10 hours a day chasing around kiddos, but aren't full time parents? Things like paint, dirt, sweat, and mysterious kid muck play a huge role in what I have to chose to wear in the morning just like so many parents. So consider this a bit of teacher style, a bit of mama style, and a whole lot of trying to keep your sanity. 

Start Conservative
I think this applies if you're an educator meeting a new class of students, a babysitter going to a family home for the first time, or even a mom trying out a new playgroup or meet up. For me, starting with a simple look helps to avoid any preconceived notions anyone could try and make about me. I have many tattoos, sometimes I dye my hair crazy colors, and sometimes I make "funky" clothing choices. Those are all things that can make other parents skeptical. Now, I'm not saying hide you are by any stretch. But, for me, a morning with a new group of kids starts with a high neck dress that hides my chest tattoo and hits me at the knee paired with simple black flats.
It's comfortable.
It's cute.
It's not offensive.
It makes for an easy morning and day.

Annnnddddd for the days that you sleep through your alarm and wake up late, it makes it easy to get dressed in a snap. Uhh... not that I've ever done that.

Kids Like Quirky
I may start simple, but I usually try and keep fun elements in my wardrobe. Not only are silly accessories something that I enjoy wearing, but it makes a fun conversation piece with the kids. Just because you're in a position where you need to appear to be a responsible and "in control" adult, doesn't mean you have to be boring. Days that I wear my mustache rings are a huge hit. The kids think they are so silly and try to make their own out of clay.

Lightweight Accessories Are Your New Best Friend
Looking for a way to jazz up a t-shirt so you can be comfortable but still have some flair? Or maybe you're still exploring that whole work to evening multipurpose thing that's always been tough for me to get a hang of. What I've found is that lightweight scarves and other accessories are the bomb. I can throw on jeans and a t-shirt for work and then throw on a fun scarf and a sparkly bangle to meet up with friends for a coffee without feeling like a bum. Even if you choose to wear it with your kids, a lightweight material won't be bulky or in your way. Things that are heavy, chunky, or clank against each other (like oversized chandelier earrings) can be just plain annoying when wrangling toddlers.

Put Your Game Face On

There are some days where you just want to be in your jammies all day long and not have to talk to anyone not to mention have to take care of little ones. On days like this, I make sure to put on a little make up and have my purse stocked with a few essentials like oil blotting sheets. It may seem contradictory to feeling like you don't have the energy to do anything, but days that I put on make up I just feel READY. And even if, on the especially cranky days, feeling put together doesn't quite to the job, at least the rest of world thinks I look better than I feel.

Know What To Leave Out

Sometimes there are things that its just not worth trying to keep up with. About 6 months into my job, I realized trying to keep my nails painted just wasn't happening. My hands are in water constantly between the art projects and just general sanitary reasons with the kids. As much as I love fun nail polish colors and getting a special treat manicure, whenever I try to paint my nails I just end up with half chipped polish that looks unprofessional to say the least. Depending on your situation, the thing in your daily routine that you may choose to cut out could be different, but the point is some elements of a beauty or fashion routine can't be maintained without stressing yourself out. Keep the things that make you feel good and the rest... why bother?

So there it is. The 5 most helpful and truthful things I can think of for how stay comfortable and still feel stylish while working with kids. I am so thankful to Kaelah for giving me this opportunity to share with all of you and I hope some of the tips will be helpful to some of the LCH followers!

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Thanks to Emily for dropping in to share this awesome guest post! I think all of this is such great info for moms, teachers, and nannies alike. Goodness knows I've toned it down quite a bit since Toby came around. Sometimes it really does do you some good to just reign it in and keep it simple (but still fun!). Be sure to swing by Emily's blog and shop to learn more about her!

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  1. I loved this post. I am a teacher as well, and for a long time, I kept it really conservative. This year, I have come out a bit more. I like to wear cartoon shirts with pencil skirts. It keeps me looking polished to administrators, but keeps my street cred. with my students.

  2. This is an amazing guest post!

    I'm a teacher and this is pretty much my whole philosophy on dressing for work. I still retain who I am but I make sure it is appropriate and I always have something quirky because kids love it!

    My grandma, who was a teacher herself, told me that I should always wear something interesting on the first day with a new class to get the kids interested and on side.


  3. Thank you for this! Great tips. I work in an elementary school library... we've only been back two weeks and my nails are already pretty much destroyed, so I can relate to not bothering with the nail polish. I also have pink hair so I wear a wig to work (I had gotten permission to have it pink and then someone complained about it, grr), so there's my toning it down. I like your style!

  4. This is a great post! I love all of the tips & tricks!

    xoxo Sarah

  5. What a great post!! So nice to meet you, Emily!

  6. As a fellow educator- amen to all of that! I always find it interesting to note too, that kids to notice I dress well (and differently than my co-workers, mostly because they are a decade or two older). Oddly, I've found it makes me seem very approachable especially to little girls.

  7. I'm a tattooed teacher too (alliteration!). It took me a while to work out the balance between "responsible 'in control' adult" and my style. Its not easy, especially in a pretty conservative school. Great tips. Personally, I'm still trying to work the nail polish. Its pretty much a lost cause by Wednesday of every week. But its true. Some things aren't worth the stress. For me its styling my hair during the school week- buns, braids and ponytails all the way!

  8. I really enjoyed this post. As a nanny to 6 wonderful (but mental) children I find it really hard to keep an identity at times. I work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and for a long time I didnt even wear make up (and believe me thats not pretty) - I didnt feel like me in baggy jumpers and jogging bottoms.

    Great post :)

  9. Emily - have you ever tried gel manicures? I also have a high-stress-on-the-nails job and my gel manicure lasts at least two weeks with no chips! Its the best thing....and not too much more money than a regular manicure. check it out!

    1. I've heard the gel is really bad on your nails.
      Thanks for the advice though. I really haven't looked into it much!

  10. I think you're pretty awesome Kaelah, so awesome that I awarded you with a blogging award over at my blog! Check it out if you can :)



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