Leopard Feet

Can you tell how irritated I was in these pictures? Yesterday was one of those days. Everything felt like it was going wrong and I just woke up on the wrong side of the world (bed wouldn't do my colossal bad mood justice!) I really tried keeping myself in check but it was a lost cause. Lost tax filings, paying the government entirely too much money, dying my hair a mystery color + then missing my entire crown, being sent the wrong wedding dress (turns out it was the right one... but incredibly poorly constructed. Now the store refuses to give me a refund.) Life wasn't my friend yesterday. Luckily the day ended on a positive note with packaging up several hundred pieces for Honeybean this Saturday, and getting to bed by midnight. I also put on my backup wedding dress and felt more at ease with it. We're taking it by a few seamstresses today to see if I can have the waist sash replaced. Cross your fingers for us! (Explanation about the hair dye: I lost my little tube of accelerant and found another tube which I thought was the right one in my hair dye basket... turns out it was a bright/deep red. I'm not really a fan of it but I guess I'll just have to live with it for now so I don't go bald. haha I'll probably take photos of it tomorrow.) Looking back today I can honestly say Mike is a soldier for dealing with me yesterday. I feel like I owe him one million back rubs. I was insufferable. 
Luckily today is a new day and without being too cheesy or cliche, I can say I'm hoping it's a better one. We also picked out my replacement engagement ring last night. After crushing my original one we've decided to get it fixed but to keep it in a jewelry box and get me a yellow gold band because the wedding band I've picked out is gold. This way I can wear it all the time. I'll be sure to share more photos once it arrives. I'm also glad I decided not to stress my wedding dress (at least for now) because I'd rather put money toward a ring I'll wear every day for the rest of my life as opposed to a dress I'll wear for 4 hours. (Unpopular opinion?) Anyway-- I've got a Birch Box + Stitch Fix post to write and a few designs to work on, then errands to run and hair to patch up. I want to make sure and test out all of the BB goodies before I report on them! Not sure you can really tell in these photos or not but I've been trying out a new ~makeup routine (for the lack of a better term). I've been switching out my products each day and seeing what I like best. Slowly on my way to not looking like a 12 year old with a blush brush! ;) You totally can't tell at all but I wore winged eyeliner yesterday. That's kind of a big deal for this blind girl. Granted I had to redo it about 5 times before I got something "decent" but it was something new!
In other news, I bought the new album of my favorite band (Loquat) this morning and have been listening to it non-stop. I love that so many of you could relate to yesterday's Music Monday post, so if you think we have similar tastes and you dig female fronted indie bands, you should absolutely check out Loquat. I've been patiently awaiting this new album for 2 and a half years. Ah, so so good! You can buy their newest album, We Could Be Arsonists, on iTunes and you can buy the physical album next Tuesday! My favorite album will probably always been It's Yours To Keep but Secrets of the Sea is also a stellar record. SO.GOOD!

H&M lace dress
Charlotte Russe cardigan
Honeybean brooch
Target belt, thrifted
Bag via SoHo boutique NYC
Target tights


  1. I had a similar problem when I ordered a dress online for my reception. It was so gross! The fabric, the poor construction, the fit... And of course the company said no returns! I just contacted PayPal and sent the dress back anyway. They still wouldn't give me a refund, but since I no longer had the dress, PayPal ruled in my favor and forced them to. Ive also heard of people doing charge backs on the debit/credit cards. There are ways to get around the no refunds clause :)

  2. Sorry you had a bummer day yesterday, here's to a fresh start today! and don't worry, winged eyeliner takes lots of practice, but I'm sure you'll be a master in no time!

    ps- those shoes, SO GOOD!

  3. I recall you saying that you "cant pull off vintage at all"?? well, looky up there. ^

  4. Oh gosh, sucks to hear you had a lousy day sweets but glad it's getting better, amazing to hear about your eyeliner success too. I find it a pain to put on regardless so well done! :D

  5. the whole situation with your dress is exactly what I was so afraid of. I actually got a vintage dress online and the measurements were WAY off. I mean like...couldn't zip it but the bust was meant for someone with E cups. It was so dumb...and the seller never responded to me when I tried to email her. Whatever! I was like eff this, I'm moving on. That's pretty much all you can do I guess :( I'm glad you're liking your backup though! I don't think it should be a big deal to replace the sash...might cost a bit, but surely it can be done.

    Your eyes look really pretty in these photos so I guess the eyeliner was a success!

  6. Days like that are horrible, I usually just cosign myself to the fact nothing is going to go right and just have to ride it out. it's lovely when it's over though!

    You look lovely as always :) Lauren xox


  7. Sorry yesterday was such a bad day, but I'm happy for you for having a guy who will put up with your good days and bad days! <3

    I hope you get your wedding dress situation sorted out! That sounds like a real annoying place to be in - even though I agree with you on the ring vs. wedding dress deal. Most of the wedding dresses I see that I love are just vintage ones on Etsy for a couple hundred dollars. Then I watch Say Yes to the Dress with my sister and I'm like :O. I saw one girl spend $25,000 on a dress and then a few grand more on a dress for the reception! And one girl loved and $8,000 dress but thought it was too cheap because she "wanted people talking about how big and expensive the dress was." What!? It's crazy.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what your wedding looks like. I know it's going to be gorgeous! <3

    I can't wait to see your wedding, though - it's going to be great!

  8. LOVE those shoes!!! and cute dress :D

    XO Sahra

  9. Ohhhh man. If just one or two of those bad things happened to someone it would equal a terrible day. You had them all pile up at once. No wonder you werent happy, you poor thing. What happened to your engagement ring??!

    That h&m dress looks great on you, though. Hope your day today is the exact opposite from yesterday!

  10. My wedding ring is a tattoo of a bow on my ring finger - cant ever misplace that, and was budget friendly too!

  11. Cheer up buttercup xoxo
    I truly do hope today is amazing, extra amazing since yesterday was so bad. I actually ended up getting a 2nd wedding dress bc the first was horrible. But I am planning on renewing our vows either 5 or 10 year anniversary so I can have the wedding dress of my dreams.
    Im sure your hair is amazing! I really can't wait to see a picture of it
    and you are super cute in your outfit above

  12. I'm sorry about the store not giving you a refund. That really sucks!

    I don't think it's unpopular to want to spend more money on the ring than the dress. I think due to the recession, more people are starting to spend money on things they feel are worth the money.

  13. Sorry you had such a crumby day yesterday. I really hope today is a lot better for you! I really love this outfit too, you looks super gorgeous!

    Little Lady Little City

  14. Those shoes! Wow. I need leopard print creepers in my life!
    Your hair is fab, as always :)

  15. Love that dress!! I would die for half your wardrobe.

    Weddings are stressy- so my husband and I eloped last year. A lot of people thought we were rushing things (i'm 23 now, he's 22) but it saved the stress.. I agree about ring > dress. I just wrote a lace dress I bought at H&M four years ago, but we both have wedding bands and that's what's important to us. But judging by how awesome and organized this blog is, your wedding will be amazing! Anyway.. we all have 'those days' but just gotta keep trucking along, and hopefully soon you'll have a super amazing day to make up for it. :)

    Also, as you're one of the people who inspired me to blog, I thought I'd share a small thing I made because of our similar love of sharks- never realized how many bloggers cared about them! *feels stupid posting this but oh well* http://roseeva.blogspot.com/2012/04/his-back-is-black-his-stomach-white-he.html

  16. Can I ask where you ordered your dress from? I'm already married but looked into ordering a dress from a seemingly legit company. I have a few friends who are looking for dresses and I want to make sure they're not ordering from there!

  17. Boo! I am so sorry that yesterday wasn't the best day for you dear!! But you look beautiful in these photos!! :) I hope you have a fantastic day today friend!! xo

  18. Sorry to hear about your awful day, but you looked so beautiful at least. I love the shoes, but I love that bag.. :3


  19. Hey, I got married in a vintage gunne sax dress I picked up on ebay, my husband wore a polo and khakis & we had a reception bbq in our front yard. Its not what you wear at the wedding, its who you are marrying that matters!


  20. wow that really sucks K... i got my wedding dress just recently and it was from a chinese website where they make knock offs for a really cheap price, and i was worried about that happening to mine, however it turned out awesome in the end so yay for that. i hope your week gets better. xxx.

  21. My crap day was last Friday, without a wedding dress drama though, that's a biggie. Hope that works out, and I am sure that it can. Love the shoes!
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  22. Sounds like an incredibly stressful day! Is it legal for the store to not give you a refund on your dress if it wasn't made correctly? In Australia if an item comes to you faulty then the store is forced to give you a refund, but I suppose it might be different for you guys.

    You look beautiful. I love your dress, and those shoes are incredible!

  23. i'm sorry to hear that!
    you look lovely though, and hope you're feeling better again (:
    xo, cheyenne

  24. love your outfit! did you get that dress from h&m recently? i'm on the hunt for a white lace dress to wearing during our wedding reception!

  25. I loved my wedding dress until a week before the wedding when I'd changed my mind. Ha ha, what a colossal waste of money. I agree about caring more about the ring. Mine are simple, but I wear them every day and as we come up on our eight year anniversary they still mean every bit as much.

  26. I agree -- the ring is more important than the dress! And I'm sure you'll look amazing on that day no matter what!

  27. Man - days like that suck!! Hope today has been better :) I think your ring idea is an awesome one - I wouldn't want to spend a lot on a dress but a ring is an investment and a daily reminder of your husband :)



  28. Loving the hair color, and your dress is so pretty :)

  29. I adore this dress, I never seem to have any luck shopping at H&M, I use to when I was younger (and thinner). I'm so sorry to hear about your crappy day, I know exactly what you mean by one of those type of days and I always wonder how my boyfriend puts up with me when I'm in full crazy mode, it is nice to have a good support system. I'm crossing the fingers for your dress. Gah, taxes suck don't they?


  30. I love how relaxed you are about the dress aspect of your wedding (even if it's not ENTIRELY relaxed, haha), I don't know if I'd be so relaxed about it myself, simply because I've been dreaming up a wedding since I was little (yes I'm that cheesy cliché... shh!) but I really admire that you are, it says a lot about the genuine nature of your relationship with Mike which I think is amazing :)


  31. I love this dress it is so beautiful and you look gorgeous!


  32. love your hair color and style its so chic!
    you are sper stylish:)

    Ive been following your blog for a few weeks and love your style and posts:)

    Id love it if you took a look at my blog too If you love it then follow me:)
    Lots of Love


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