24 before 25 (+ 23's recap!)

I've been trying really hard to come up with 24 goals for myself this year... but I keep feeling like I'm coming up short. I finally had a chance to sit down and think about things that would be challenging yet rewarding (and fun!), and this is what I came up with... (click to view image full size)

In case that's hard to read (Whoa!), they are...
1. Dye my hair a color other than red or brown.
2. Successfully bake a tiered cake.
3. Learn how to do makeup properly. (aka just don't suck at it)
4. Sew 4 dresses from scratch.
5. Write another e-book or e-course.
6. Learn to make jewelry.
7. Buy a house (or at least get serious about the location)
8. Create a time capsule for 2012.
9. Take more daily life photos for the blog.
10. Launch a pre-made layout shop.
11. Honeybean brick + mortar.
12. Create free downloads for LCH.
13. Write a letter each week.
14. Organize my office to include my studio.
15. Launch a print shop.
16. Do more reviews + vlogs on LCH about things I buy.
17. Downsize my closet + belongings. (contradictory to #16!)
18. Empty my inbox and get it organized!
19. Build a piece of furniture all by myself.
20. Organize an Instax display for our house.
21. Take regular work breaks + learn to unplug.
22. Learn basic calligraphy. (and maybe learn to spell it right! whoops!)
23. Put my toes in the sand at the beach.
24. Have a vegetable garden.

I'd say those are pretty good goals for my 24th year! What do you think?

Feel free to click "Read More" below to read the recap on my 23 before 24 list!

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23 was an awesome year. I know I don't even need to touch on that again. But I thought for the sake of holding myself accountable, I should go back to my 23 before 24 list and see what I was able to check off! I didn't exactly complete the ones in bold. Better luck this year, right?!

1. Visit a state I've never been to: Wisconsin! Mike, Susannah and I ventured up to Milwaukee when we were in Chicago in January! It was a fun little trip and it was such a quaint little city! 

2. Sew a dress from scratch: Gonna have to roll this one over to my new list because I never got around to it... Got to the cutting the pattern and fabric, but the assembly never came to fruition.

3. Be a vendor at my first craft fair: We did 2 shows with Honeybean last year, so that technically counts. We've also secured the first two shows this Spring, too! 

4. Get another large statement tattoo (legs or feet): I got both of my shins done and one of my calves... I'd say that counts!

5. Get straight across bangs: Trimmed them to see if I'd like it, and then thought I couldn't pull them off so I just swished them to the side again.

6. Walk a total of 500 miles: Made this goal when Mike and I would go on daily 3+ mile walks in the morning. We then moved to an area of town where that wasn't really feasible so if I walked 500 miles then it wasn't because I aimed to

7. Do a 30 day wardrobe challenge: I couldn't even do those photo a day challenges for one month, much less a wardrobe challenge. Whoops!

8. Get a dermal anchor piercing: Decided to wait until after the wedding.

9. Get my business license: I feel like I went above and beyond for this one, so can we pretend it covers all of the others I didn't do yet?!

10. Brand my handmade line: It branched out to several lines, but I did it!

11. Get said handmade line into a retail shop: Does Honeybean count? :P

12. Watch every Paul Rudd movie: Duh.

13. Go rollerskating or ice skating: I went ice skating with Mike, Elle and Bryan a few months back and it was so much fun!

14. Try Hot Yoga: also did this with Elle (and Kelley!) and it was a blast. A sweaty, exhausting, invigorating blast.

15. Go camping... with a legit bonfire and tent: Mike and I went on a 2 day, 20 mile canoeing trip with Brian and Christina earlier in the Fall. Woke up to a Brown Recluse in our tent, but it was still fun! (However I do not even want to look at a canoe for like... 5 more years!)

16. Make our loft an inspiring place to live and work: Well, you decide!

17. Design and build Mike's photography brand and website: DONE! I need to share it with y'all soon!

18. Go cabrewing with friends (canoeing with lots of beer): See #15.

19. Bake yummy goodies from scratch: Pies are my favorite thing.

20. Meet more blogger friends: I feel like I've met so many awesome people through my blog this year. I hope this continues for many, many years to come!

21. Graduate college: I actually graduated December 2010 but since O'More didn't have a winter grad ceremony I walked in the Spring and got my diploma on my mom's birthday!

22. Diy! Diy! Diy!: Done and more done!

23. Plan the dreamiest wedding ever with Mike: well on it's way! We found the venue this weekend and I have a "backup" dress already lined up!

4 out of 23? Not too shabby I think!
Do you do a ## before ## goal list each year? I'd love to see them! Link me over!


  1. I think they are great goals :) I'm working on completing my 28 before 29 list. I seem to never finish them all. You're doing pretty good with your lists. They are always so inspiring! ♥Lindsay

  2. I think those are pretty good (and totally do-able) goals for the year! I've been toying with the idea of making a list, but really all I care about is learning how to ride a bicycle in a skirt :) And I guess that's not even really "learning" so much as it is just getting out there & doing it!

    If you need some help or tips with working on your handmade wardrobe, feel free to give me a shout! I make most of what I wear and I like to think I'm pretty good with sewing at this point :)

    1. I might actually take you up on that offer! Seriously, seeing all of your sewing projects is awesome. I can't even sew a straight line and I was a fashion design major for an entire year haha! I mean, I guess I'm not necessarily *that* bad... but not much better!

      and have you invested in some bike shorts?! I just picked up a new pair yesterday with lace trim and they're the perfect way to stay modest but still get your bike on. They come in handy on windy days, too haha

    2. I'm serious! I love sharing sewing knowledge & making sewing buddies :) So much fun! And we're practically neighbors anyway haha

      You are actually the second person to tell me to get some bike shorts... I may have to invest! I love the idea of shorts with lace trim, sounds cute!

  3. Wow, I admire your dedication to your 23 before 24 list! I've tried making lists like that for myself, but, like my New Year's Resolutions, they're given up on within a month. Congratulations, and good luck with the coming year (I'm especially looking forward to your #s 8, 10, 11, and 15)!

  4. I love this! I think before I turn 24 this year I will make a 24 before 25 list. Thanks for the inspiration, love your blog! xo.

  5. Brilliant goals. I admire your goal-setting and achievments, especially your fun targets (I thought walk 500 miles sounded tough yet awesome). I never make lists like this as a) I find it too hard to think of something I actually sit and try to write (regardless of how much I have dreamt up previously) and b) I am so flakey I will look at it a week later and think 'why did I want to do that??' I tend to take what comes and enjoy :) xx

  6. what a great list! i think i will make a list for myself when i turn 29 in august. i will start keeping track of ideas now :)

  7. I have a 35 things to do before I turn 36 this year and I am running out of time (well, I have 6 months left LOL)


    I need to get motivated!!

  8. This is amazinggg! I really want to do this.
    News of your wedding excites me! That'd be a bit scary if I was single but I am engaged so it's not so weird.

    Happy belated birthday, by the way!

  9. Ooh,I think those are totally attainable goals. I'd love to see vlogs on LCH! What part of Tennessee did you guys go to on your camping trip? It's always good to unplug from technology,even if it's only for a couple of hours a day....oh lordy,what am I saying?! I can't even do that....ok,just kidding. ;)

    1. we started the 20 mile trip in kingston springs and canoed the harpeth! :D

  10. i've never done a list like this but with all the wedding plans i would say a 25 before 26 list might be the perfect thing to do come june! great job on fulfilling almost all of them!

    life spelled jen

  11. I just turned 25 in December and when you get around this age, it's where most people start to freak out about their "life" so I'm glad to see your goals are more about things you wanna do and not the typical mid-20s goals that people feel pressured to have. :)

  12. I feel like I should do this now! What an awesome idea Kaelah! I think these are completely doable goals for 2012! You did so much in the past year and you make me want to be so productive this year!

  13. I love making goals and I love reading other people's lists to get inspired! Your list is awesome and you did WAY better with your last list than I did. (I think I completed like 4 things on my 24 before 24 - oops!) But I made a 25 before 25 and I'm hopeful I'll be more successful this year: http://anniehpilon.blogspot.com/2012/03/25-before-25.html

  14. you did so great! i'm working on a 30 before 30 list. it is so hard! I will have 3 years to do it, so I want them to be big things.

  15. only missing 4 is not bad at all! :b i've never created a ## before ## list, but i'm thinking it's time to start. coming from an avid list planner. i'm surprised i didn't start this list sooner LOL.

  16. I love this list! I know your 24th year will be amazing! I recently did my own 25 before 25 list. http://jessismor.blogspot.com/2012/03/25-before-25.html

  17. about 16 and 17: I keep a budget for clothes. If I want more clothes then I need to sell some. This way I don't get bored and I don't spend too much money. And if you do this you will always be encouraged to try new things and write about them.

  18. When Chris and I move into a house (probably closer to Greenhills area! yay!) I want to do 20 and 24 also! Maybe if we get to move this year (hoping in October) we can get the boys together and do these things while they have a playdate! That could help with 21 as well! I want to learn to unplug too! haha and I won't know anyone if we move closer to Nashville so I hope we can get them together for a playdate so I'm not all alone! :D I just realized I'm yelling all of this! whoops just so much excitement thinking of having a mommy friend to hang with! LOL



  19. Your list is impressive as is your success rate of last year's list. This is the first year I have done one and I am actually doing pretty good on it so far. Mine is mostly about getting out of my shell and doing more so I think it helps!


  20. My birthday is coming up at the end of April and I'm doing my first list! 26 before 27! I'm super excited and motivated!

  21. Fantastic list. I love that you do these every year. I make similar lists but I don't do it by number. You can see my 2012 list here: http://maryhassound.blogspot.com/2012/01/this-must-be-it-welcome-to-new-year.html
    Keep up the awesome accomplishments and congrats on your previous list.

  22. i love these kinds of lists and really inspires me to make one also. i would love to have a vegetable garden too! i'm glad i did one thing this year i'v wanted to do for a while now and that's to start my own blog! :) thanks for the inspiration.


  23. Your 24 before 25 is so great & inspirational!! Is it weird that I am going to Pin it ? Sorry if it is because I'm going to!!

  24. Love your list! I've always wanted to do one of those lists and I always seem to forget about it!

  25. I love your goals. i think it's a great mixture of really big stuff and some fun and expmerimental things! Maybe you could try and share stuff that you already own instead of stuff you buy? then you would be ticking off two goals with one stroke ;o)


  26. What I like about this list is it's not just BIG dreams, but little ones as well. Reading this list none of them felt out of rach or outlandish. It's really inspired me to do a 24 before 25 list of my own at the end of the year!

    Happy (belated) birthday!

  27. My mom started a vegetable garden a few years ago, but instead of the traditional dirt plot/garden, she used these big storage containers and filled them with dirt and grew veggies in them, like squash in one, tomatoes in the other, etc. It seems like a pretty easy way to start off with a garden and if you move, your garden is transferable!

  28. Love these lists. I am really tempted to do one for myself, but I'm getting to the ago where it would be too long ... ha, ha! I hope to also attempt to make one dress this year. And I would love to see some vlogs from you.
    Kel x

  29. A very well-rounded list! This current year is my first year attempting one. I think it's a fun idea (and practical, too, to sit down and think out your goals). Mine is here: http://dragonflightdreams.com/2011/10/26/28-before-28/

  30. Great goals, some are very ambitious which is great to have those to aim for! I have a lot of goals for this year but I find it hard to get them done, maybe I should write them down like you.


  31. Love your list!!! I'm digging through mine as we speak.

    It's here: http://patricia-writes.blogspot.com/

    Good luck on doing all you want to do. :)

  32. http://hondagirltech.blogspot.com/2011/08/27-things-to-do-before-age-28.html

    Oh man I love reading/making these! So inspiring! :-)

  33. I love making these lists! I'm turning 25 this Sunday. Here's my list from last year: http://www.the-loudmouth.com/2011/08/24-before-25-places-i-still-need-to-see.html

  34. You actually inspired me to make a 23 before 24 list myself. I started it a bit late but have already checked one thing off! Check it out...


  35. never done it before, though I think I'd seriously run out of stuff the older I got... or get overwhelmed with my enormous task list the older I got... haha! I love your list though!

  36. I just did my list, even though my bday was in January! I love so many of these ideas, too. I also want to sew more things, though I think I'll stick to bags and accessories. Sewing dresses kind of scares me!

    Here is my list: http://firstlightt.blogspot.com/

  37. You did really well with your goals from last year!

  38. I love your list! Super creative and ambitious, love it! And well done on your previous list, man that's a pretty huge hunk of it accomplished!

    I do have a list it's one of the pages on my blog navigation :)

  39. I was inspired by your last year list to start one this year as well. I gotta say, it is an amazing feeling to cross things off and it helps with keeping your bigger dreams in sight.


  40. You totally and completely inspired me to do one of these, so much so that I couldn't wait until my August birthday to start and just made a shorter list! Super excited now!! Mine is here:



  41. This is great idea. Think I'll do something like this but 19 things before 19 :)xx

  42. Those are really good and I think totally achievable. I always write goal/ to do lists abd then end up doing all these things I never put on them but should have. Maybe I should start an end of year 'look back on the awesome' list

  43. this is such a great idea! and it just proves I've been following you for over a year.
    I considered doing one of these for my birthday, but I guess I'll get around to it this upcoming birthday? Unless 6 months is adequate time to do 22 new things...
    At least I'm already crossing things off my new years goals list!

    XO Sahra

  44. I think your list is great! I may have to do this for my birthday this year.
    Good luck with the dress making! I have only made one, and am always excited to show it off.... even though it is a very simple dress.... I tweaked it a bit to make it not look so plain. I'll post it on my blog one of these days.
    And yes, def do some VLogs for us!

  45. I think your list is great, I love your goals! I hope you'll blog about the dress making.

    I have a list for my next birthday [in June] and there's soo much left to do! You can find it here.

  46. What a sweet list! Making a list of goals is one of my favorite things about my birthday. Everything feels so new and special, it's the perfect time! I haven't made a ton of progress on mine for this year, but I still have awhile to go.

    - Jaimie

  47. i absolutely adore this little list of your. the one of learn how to do good make (just don't suck at it) had me cracking up! you are hilarious girl!
    xo TJ

  48. You have inspired me to re-write my 18 before 19 list. Thank you. <3

  49. Hi there! I love both of your lists, and I think you did a great job if you were only left with a few goals that you weren't able to complete. Some of my 25-before-26 goals include getting a second tattoo (which I already did) and learning how to make jewelry (which I am still hoping to do). You have some really impressive and inspiring goals. :) Feel free to check my list out at http://25-before-26.blogspot.com


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