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LuLu*s Style Studio Event in NYC!

Calling all bloggers! One of LCH's favorite sponsors ever, LuLu*s, is throwing a styling event and wants YOU to be there! Join them for an exciting and free Fashion Week event in the heart of Nolita! Set in the beautiful Openhouse Gallery, this event, Style Studio, will feature tons of free LuLu*s merchandise in 5 of the hottest styles: Vintage-inspired, Edgy, Vixen, Sweetheart and Uptown Prep! With top bloggers representing each style, you will get the opportunity to discover your personal look and then get styling advice from your favorite blogger! Everyone takes home a special piece of their choice! With giveaways, prizes, food, drink, and more, this will be a fun-filled fashion event to remember! I only wish that teleportation existed... C'mon, it's 2012 already!

The event is free, free, free and you get some LuLu*s swag! There are seriously zero excuses for you to miss this if you're in the greater NYC area! You must go and tell me alllll about it!

CLICK HERE to RSVP for the fun Friday night event!

Have you ever gone to a brand-hosted blogger event? Dish in the comments below! xo


  1. Gahhhh!!! If only it was a few days later!! I'm leaving San Diego for NYC Saturday morning :(

  2. p.s. if you have any suggestions on what to do, feel free to let me know!! Thanks!


  3. I wish, I wish with all my heart. But I'm not in NYC, bummer! Sounds like a great event, love LuLus!

  4. Wish I wasn't all the way in Florida!!
    This sounds awesome!

  5. How fun that would be. If only it were in LA.

  6. Wish I was in New York to see it. :(


  7. I actually live in the same town as the Lulu's HQ and they never do anything fun like that here!

  8. whyyy does it have to be *this* friday? i have a show that night, plus matt's photography exhibition. i'm going to sign up anyway, just in case i can make it for a bit, but it might be too much to do in one evening.

    thank you for posting it though :)

  9. o0o0 I might go if I'm not too wiped out after work! Sounds fun, thanks for sharing.


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