Things I Love Thursday

We start the real time packing today on our loft, and I'm a little sad to box up my wardrobe/closet. This week has been an incredibly productive one (with the exception of yesterday... man I didn't do anything yesterday except freak out about my taxes). Hoping to keep the momentum going by finalizing some design projects and start working on some posts to schedule up for next week. I promise to try and leave you with something other than an outfit post every day... I know how tiring those can get! Now let's look at pretty things! Pretty things make my week :) xo

♥ this is the best way to start any post! ♥

♥ this pug wearing a backpack ♥
♥ this is the epitome of my life ♥

tilt has been missing it's weekly ron swanson! ♥

this is something pipkin would do ♥

this is where i'd like to go today ♥

this cute pom ♥

this. ♥

this! i want them all! ♥

♥ this sweet thing. ♥

Other Awesome Things:

// Loquat just released their first track off their newest album which comes out in April. It's the bomb dot com. Seriously. Favorite band. Go have a listen.

// Blogs worth checking out: Lovely Little Things (I love her blog layout!) + Epheriell Designs (ever since she emailed me about sponsoring I've been lurking her blog daily. I just love love love it)

// Roxy made a post on bass guitar ICE! Ice people... they're so neat! She used food coloring to make them look more realistic. Mike is head over heels for these. So fun!

// Country Living shared 11 Valentine's Day crafts worth making... a few of them are high on my list! And here are 10 crafty uses for household items (though some are a little meh).

// Have you ever thought about making your own wood folding sling chair?! I kind of want to give this a go for our new backyard. The most fun would be picking out the fabric!

// Y'all were loving the DIY jewelry organizers I posted the other day and these will make you swoon even more! Using cutlery trays is probably my favorite thus far (I'm a sucker for white!) and I love the burlap + handle combo of this one. (Be sure to check out BHG's whole article on storage! So many ideas!)

// Okay... I'm hungry. How about some Peanut Butter + Jelly SUSHI?! (Don't worry, no seafood involved!) This is the cutest thing EVER. Even though I think these may be too much for my sweet tooth (Wha?!), I'm kind of intrigued by the French Toast + Bacon Cupcakes. I thought about making Mike a heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day (I think pizza is his first love haha) but this Pizza Dip is looking divine!

What are you loving this week?

PS; Valentine's Day (aka KB's favorite holiday ever!!!) is in just 5 days and I didn't even do a feature this year, or plan anything fun. Wahhhh. Sometimes life just takes over. Srsly though... can it be V-day every day?! Pink and white and red everywhere! Hearts galore! xo


  1. so funny and cute :D

  2. There is no better way to start anything besides that little girl breaking it down. for real. I just got a much needed laugh out of that!

    xx Ashleigh

  3. love these!!! (: pb&j sushi?!!??! =D

  4. Okay I'm not gonna lie - the reason I clicked on this post was because of that crazy little girl haha!
    But then I saw your sweet shout out to my blog :) Thanks for making my day!

    Enjoy your Thursday, lovely

  5. that pug is amazing and thank you for the links

  6. Ahh what a fantastic post, really cheered me up as i'm not feeling well! I want a backpack for my Pug, she'd look awesome in it! x

  7. Pug wearing a backpack!?!?! Ahhhhh. I love all the cute animal (and girl dancing) pics haha.

  8. everything is adorable + hilarious in this post! LOVE!

  9. I am not even lying. I just went out for a bit with the intentions of just going to get my hair cut... one thing led to another, and I have 4 target bags on my floor stuffed with things and a new comforter on my bed. WHY, TARGET, WHYYY?

  10. oh my god, there are wayyyy too many images that i'm dying over

  11. Oh man, that gif. I bet pedo bear would be happy.

  12. hahahahaha, oh my god. thank you so much for making my day. I was in a little rut and I just laughed so hard! Hahaha, i don't know what's my favorite!!!

  13. oh my god that first picture of the little girl pumping it made me laugh out loud.

  14. I second that. Valentine's Day EVERY DAY!

  15. That little girl is soooo funny, her facial expression is the best - it has completely made my day! I can't wait to see how you set up your new wardrobe :)

    xx Melanie

  16. I love Valentine's Day too! It's the one bright spot in these long, grey New England winters. I love the color scheme and the hearts and all the Victorian stuff.

  17. I happen to believe that these are all the best things in life. Especially the cat taking a bath, that made my heart jump!

  18. Hehe I love these. That little girl is really determined to do that dance move. That Target picture definitely sums up my life as well, I love Target so much. And that kitty is ridiculously cute.


  19. Dear god, I LOVE Ron Swanson. He is hands down the best character on that show.

  20. Holy crap, the kitty in the bucket makes life better! I want one just like it : D

  21. Omgsh! That kitty is so cute! <3

    Good luck on packing up! I know it must be very bitter sweet, but this will be a great step for you two. :)

  22. Ahhh, I am so appreciative of all of the animal photos - especially pug with a backpack!!

    I'm buying one - that is tooooooo good :)

  24. That first GIF, oh my, it had me and D in stitches!
    (and i might have had a giggle-fit at the pug with a backpack on)

  25. I'm currently working on moving out of my first owned home that I've lived in for 3 years. It's bittersweet - saying goodbye to the first real home that I created on my own - and the excitement of the new walls and details that I'll love about the next one.

    I wish you luck packing - and patience for us both!

  26. The Toddlers & Tiaras .gif made me laugh so loudly that other people in the house came to see if I was okay. XD

  27. OMGOODNESS! The doggies in the water is too much! so cute! and that cat? beautiful! and mmmm the food ideas you left at the bottom are awesome! I may have to do a heart shaped pizza! great idea!


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