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Hello friends!  My name is Krista.  I'm popping over from Saturated Canary today to guest post on Little Chief Honeybee... one of my all time favorite fashion blogs!  So excited to be back here sponsoring Kaelah!  Love this chica! 

When I started to think about what topic to write about, instantly 'dresses' came to mind.  Which is kinda appropriate, seeing how Kaelah loves them so.  (And rocks them, like, so perfectly!)  My style is a little more boho/hippie.  I love.love. long skirts and layers.  Patterns.  Maxi dresses. Skirts worn over dresses.  Dresses worn over skirts.  You name it, I've probably tried it:).  While I love short and sweet dresses on others, I'm not always comfortable in them.  So I usually opt for the longer variety.  

So.  That being said. 

Have you ever seen a dress and just HAD TO HAVE it?  Like.  Without looking at the price tag or size or length-- because they really didn't matter-- you just knew this dress is made for me? I literally got chills when I saw Modcloth's new Cartography dress for sale on their new arrivals page.  I love maps...love old world style...This dress was made for me! (I think I broke out into a sweat as I went through the various payment screens...hoping it wouldn't sell out before I claimed my size!)  It's a bit shorter than I like...and I don't know that I'm a big "shift" style dress fan.  (I prefer something fitted or completely flowy.)  But it didn't matter.  I needed it.  (Yes.  needed it.  to survive.)  I think it appealed to me because the print was different and so eye catching.  The shape was a nice silhouette. And the price.  Well, like I said.  It was a matter of life and death-- so I bought it.:)

It is versatile enough to add a layering skirt underneath.  I think it would be perfect under a cardigan with tights, too. Or, even layered over a pair of flare jeans.  It's my *most* favorite dress ever. I'm officially in love :)
Have you ever had one of those moments with a dress?  Where your world stopped and you just knew it was made for *you.*  It sounds kinda silly, but the 'dress girls' out there will know what I mean.  I'd love for you to stop by my blog and leave your dress links!  I feel a pretty dress post coming on!  (I'll post my favorites and link back to you!)...So, please stop over and say hello!  I love making new friends!:)

And my dear Kaelah, thank you for having me again.  You are my blog crush;).  I love everything about your style and personality.  You're gorgeous, lady!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

It's always a pleasure having Miss Krista over here on the LCH blog! She has this zest for life and a total sweetness that is so genuine and sincere. And would you be wowed at the fact her 6 year old son took these photos?! I know! I die. Love love love her. Pay her a little visit and say hello! (You can read her other outfit post + a guest post about her dreads, too!)


  1. What a dress! I love anything with world-map prints for some reason, I once saw a girl with a leather purse with a similar print on it - so I'm pretty much in love with this dress the same as she is!!

    Great post :D I've definitely had this with a dress or two - one was a dress for my senior prom, and another was an online find!


  2. What an awesome blogger! I was really shocked when I saw the first picture in black and white and then the next picture she had crazy hair colours! Haha she looks lovely, but I was super shocked!
    xo Heather

  3. Her son took these pictures? That boy is going to have some amazing talent as he grows up!

    & that dress! It is freaking adorable and looks so good on her! I'm going to start following her now!

    -Madeline Grace
    Just Let the Sparrows Fly

  4. Great post !!! I love your style and your hair is amazing :D

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. Wow,that dress IS lovely plus her hair is rockin'! :)

  6. She's beautiful.

    ♥ sécia

  7. That dress is amazing (!!) As are the photos ♥
    & I adore her hair!

  8. OMGosh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!! and of course Krista hun, you look gorgeous in it
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  9. Its beautiful Krista but anything you wear would be you could wear a bin bag and it would look good honey congratulations on your marvellous purchase enjoy it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Love that dress I am such a map fan too! I would def have had to have that too and I love it over that stunning skirt! By the way Philly takes a mean photo! Hugs Rebekah xx

  11. LOOOOVE her blog! I've been a reader for a couple months now! I adore the way she styled this dress, so unique and cool. And I can't believe her son took these photos -- amazing!!!

  12. wow it's fantastic and you look amazing krista x

  13. Looking good in that lovely dress Krista.
    What a clever designer.
    All the best Linda

  14. Krista you are just too cute!!!! I love the look (as always) ! Nothing.g you wear looks bad , ever!!!! ;0)

  15. That dress is GORG!!! I would so wear that, I love maps. I love how it flairs at the bottom.


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