Honeybean Wants You!

Hey honeybees! We're excited to announce that we are ready to start accepting consignment applications for the Spring term with the 'bean! We've planned a tentative Spring relaunch for early March on our new side of the river and we can't wait to share all of the handmade goodness with the rest of Nashville! We had an awesome time with our Fall 2011 consignment designers and we know it's just going to get better and better! We're a bit more seasoned and organized this go around so if you applied in the past but didn't hear back from us, please don't let that hinder you from trying again! We're looking for loads of "new" stuff to bring to the 'bean! If you're interested in selling your handmade or repurposed goodies, check out all the info below! (You can also stay up to date on Honeybean happenings by "Liking" us on Facebook and following the Honeybean blog!) 

A quick little FAQ about our consignment system:

We operate on the industry standard 40/60 consignment percentage. This means the designer gets 60% of the sale price while the Boutique gets 40%. If this is not acceptable for you, please refrain from applying.

We only accept a limited number of designers at one time. In order to keep our tiny trailer from becoming overwhelmed, we limit the number of designers to under 25. 

Quality of the product really really matters. Please make sure the stitching and presentation of your item(s) is top-notch! We really want to help promote you, too, but we can't do that if you make us look bad! Not only that, but quality of the packaging is huge, too! A little bit goes a long way!

We accept all kinds of handmade and repurposed goodies! Stationery, posters, prints, cards, handmade jewelry, knit goodies, sewn crafts, hair accessories, etc. No matter what it is that you make, if you make it, we may be interested! We love having kooky "out there" inventory so don't let that stop you from applying!

We will be reviewing applications through February and the chosen designers will be notified on or around February 21st. We're looking to have inventory shipped to us around the 1st of March so please be aware of our time frame.


Now for the application...

You can just click "Read More..." below and copy + paste the application into a new email. Please return the application to HoneybeanBoutique@gmail.com with the subject Spring 2012 Application. It may get lost in the shuffle if it is not properly titled!

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of the Honeybean team! We really are looking forward to a new batch of awesomeness for our shoppe! xo

Consignment Application for Spring 2012:

Website (if applicable):
City, State:
Email Address:

Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. If you are unable to edit the PDF directly, please just type out the questions along with your answers and email to HoneybeanBoutique@gmail.com with the subject line “Spring 2012 Application”. Please do not attach photos to the email, but instead host an album with photos on Flickr or Photobucket and send the link. 

What do you make? 

Where do you currently sell? In store? Online? (if so, please provide any relevant links) 

Are you okay with the industry standard 40/60% consignment rate? (Designer gets 60%, Boutique gets 40%).

If you do not have a current website or Etsy, please provide a link to an album containing photos of your product(s). Please make sure these photos are high quality and demonstrative of your product. We are very picky about the level of quality we choose for our shoppe. 

Why do you think your product would fit in well at Honeybean Mobile Boutique?

What is your target demographic for your product(s)? 

What is your general price range for your product(s)? If it varies, please list individual product types and their prices. 

Can you have a shipment of product(s) ready for delivery to Nashville around March 1st? 

We do not currently have a quantity requirement, but if you were chosen, what product(s) would you be sending Honeybean and in what quantity? (Don't worry, we don't need a ton of anything! 3-5 of each item is a great place to start if you want to test your products ability to sell.)

We will be reviewing applications as we receive them in February and final decisions will be made on or around February 21st. Designers chosen to move forward with Honeybean will then be contacted and sent the consignment contract to look over, sign and return along with the shipment of inventory. We are excited about the Spring term and hope that you are, too! Exciting things lie ahead for Honeybean and her new home in East Nashville. We’d love to have you as part of our team! Thanks for your interest! xo


  1. This is a perfect way to get my knit goods out there! You can count on me to be putting in an application! <3


  2. i would like to apply and i'm currently in the process of making item's for my own shop what's the final date to apply?

  3. I really need to take the initiative to start promoting my Art.... maybe this would be a good place to start if I can just remember to fill in the application!

  4. I love that photo! So cute!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  5. Uh this makes me want to get my act together so i can consign in your cute little mobile shop! Crossing my fingers that I can get something together. <3

  6. Hey I just realized my really good friend has a mobile pop-up shop in Nashville too! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Trunk-Nashville/235755099818285?ref=ts
    You should go check it out sometime (lots of cool men's stuff.


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