Listen A Little...

It's been a while since I've been able to post a fun playlist for y'all! Grooveshark stopped working for me on Chrome and after about a month and a half I decided to try it on Firefox from the laptop and huzzah! It works! Here's a few tunes that I've been listening to religiously lately... Hopefully you'll find something new to love!

What are you listening to lately?


  1. I'm loving the Johnathan Rice and Azure Ray songs - not heard of either of them before so thanks! I've been listening to City and Colour's 'Bring Me Your Love' album non-stop for the past few weeks. Particularly the songs 'Sleeping Sickness' and 'The Girl'. :)

  2. I really like these songs, I never would have found these artists otherwise. So thanks for sharing! ^_^ As for me, I've been listening to The Creepshow and Landon Pigg a lot lately.

  3. I love catherine feeny! especially the one you posted.. :D

  4. Thank you for the ear hugs. I'm really diggin on The Whispertown 2000. Gotta love Catherine Feeny.. AMAZING.
    If you haven't heard of Brian Wright you should check him out. He does some songs with Catherine Feeny. He is amazing also.. a must in all ipods.


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