Blog Design + Contest

Phew! I've been busy these last few days. I knocked out two full blog redesigns and I installed the first last night. I'm finishing up the coding for Susannah's new look and I am in loveeee with it! I really am. It's so fun and bright and colorful! Polar opposites in style to the one above! The one above was a test in my ability to design a simple, minimal layout. I liked the final outcome. Even better that I finished it in like 24 hours! I'll be sure to share with you SB's when it's up!

If you saw the ETA at the bottom of the previous post, I went ahead and entered that AE contest that my friend Shelby shared. It's a longshot that AE would ever partner up with a tattooed gal but whatever, it's worth a shot! It'd be fun to try I guess! Below are the three looks I submitted and the links to vote! I'd really appreciate any and all support, of course! (It's a simple "one click" process!) I'll probably bug you a lot over the next few weeks. Sorry in advance! 

(they're each in different categories, so please vote for all three!)

You can vote for Shelby, too! HERE! Our votes don't go against each other so don't worry about that :)

I'm working on getting the shoppe ready this weekend. Today I'll be launching the felt bows (as seen in yesterday's post!) and then this weekend will hopefully bring fabric bows and other fascinators! I'd love it if you snagged something up! I've kept H+H on the backburner for a few weeks and I need to get back into the swing of it! Oh, and Mike will be shooting some lofty pictures this weekend, too!

I wish you could see my to-do list. It's six miles long! I'm happy to be so busy though! I need to get dressed and ready to go. We're meeting Christina and Brian at Taco Mamacitas for a lunch date! Yummm! 

What are your plans for today/this weekend?!
Anyone gonna snag up a bow or two from the shoppe?!


  1. I voted for #3. I think AE would be smart to feature someone with tattoos!

  2. One of my best friends from home is in town so I'll be busy. We're going to dinner and downtown tonight. Then tomorrow, since I live in a tri-state area, we're going to eat breakfast in Wisconsin, lunch in Minnesota and dinner in Iowa.

  3. I tried to vote for you & Shelby,but I deleted my FB a few days ago. :| I'm probably going to study up on some html & css this weekend and do a whole lot of nothing haha.

  4. This week has been exhausting with dealing with painting my car, getting my car tag and license renewed then working. I managed to squeeze in a date night with boyfriend last night but I still have tons of stuff to do with the etsy shop and the blog. I'm not even sure where to start! Plus I have my 21st birthday next week.

    Anyway I sent my votes for the AE contest, I don't shop there often but I'd love to see a girl with tattoos win this!! Good luck!!

    -Amber P.

  5. voted!! love your looks! good luck gorgeous!


  6. Definitely worth a shot! Good luck!!

  7. I voted and if it's correct it looks like you are ranked #1 on each category. YAY!

    Good luck!

    And I am heading out to Panera with a friend that is moving 2 hours away this weekend. Then we are going out to a local bar to hangout and watch some line dancing. :D

  8. i voted! how exciting for you! i really hope you win :)

  9. oh, really love your layout and the new one too! will vote your you! happy weekend! xoxo

  10. I love the new-ish look of your blog, and I have voted for all three.

  11. Yay good luck with the competition, I have voted for you. Also I am so keen to snap up a bow headband when they are ready :D x


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