Wedding Wednesday!

Today I'm sharing with you a fun and eclectic wedding courtesy of Rock 'N' Roll Bride! [If you like more avant-garde type wedding details and leopard print dresses, RnRB is definitely the place for you!] There are a lot of images for this wedding so I'm featuring it solo... plus, when you get a load of these guys and gals, you'll notice just how effortless cool they are. [Seriously... the pictures alone just scream SO MUCH FUN! Uh plus there's a CMYK theme going on and as a graphic design geek, I'm all over it!] Enjoy! 

Okay, and the icing on the cake... their wedding video! Oh my gosh. So we all know how giddy I get about clever cinemetography and catchy tunes... Well, Passion Pit is far from my favorite band [I'm just sort of sick of them] but honestly, it was such a wonderful theme song for this video! Look how fun this couple is! Seriously! I'm going to have to say it ten more times in this post because I just want to be their friend! The groom and his groomsmen just exude Blues Brothers cool and the bride is looking stunning in the swiss-dot dress [plus that bridal party looks awesome in that long cream number!]

Pop over to Rock 'N' Roll Bride and check out some of the other great wedding features!

Now for the Weekly Wedding Question! Who will [or did] you take dress shopping with you? I've been watching more than my fair share of "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC and in the past two days alone there have been overly-opinionated moms and pops, and gals getting their panties in the twist as they try to please everyone [but end up only disappointing themselves!]. If you're already married, how did your accompanying party fair during the dress decision? Did they try to overpower you at all or were they always cool, calm, and collected?

My answer: I'd probably take my mom [though she's not overly opinionated on anything, and she has always let me choose things for myself], and my bridesmaids [guess I should make some friends first!]. But the ultimate decision will undoubtedly come down to my sole opinion. I don't care how anyone thinks I look on my wedding day... I want to FEEL special and beautiful. [Plus, some are already going to form opinions like my dress looks trashy with my tattoos. Phooey! They're going to look stellar!] Until next week, au revoir! 



  1. I took just my Mum with me when it came to buying the dress. Then before the wedding only the ladies in the shop, my Mum, My Mum's friend and my best friend knew what it looked like.

    My Mum's friend made me a handmade handbag to go with my dress - so she needed to know what it looked like.

    My best friend was seriously poorly (she had an appendectomy that went wrong and at one point the doctors didn't think she was going to survive), I made the decision that I would show her a picture of me in my dress in the store - firstly in case she didn't get to see me in it on the day (that would have been heartbreaking) and secondly as like a bribe she had to get better so that she could see me in it properly.

    She got better and was there on the day! YAY!

  2. The first time I went was with my soon to be sister-in-law and mother-in-law. My Mom did not go the first time and didn't even know that I had gone to look! She wasn't so happy about us getting married. But she did see the dress I picked out in the store the day I bought it.

  3. congrats on reaching a thousand followers! Craziness!

  4. I literally only had two weeks from the day my now husband proposed to me (over the phone) to the day we said "I do." (He's in the military and was being stationed in Korea) So, I took my two best friends with me (they have been my best friends since 7th grade; we are now pushing 28) to an outlet mall and they patiently followed me from store to store as I tried on any and all dresses I could get my hands on. I ended up with the simple little green number from The Gap. My bff's were fabulous that day. They told me completely honestly if something didn't look good on me. When I tried on the green dress and said I thought that was the one they said it looked great on me and if it made me happy then that was the dress for me!

    I was so thankful I took them and no one else with me! I would say take the person, or people, you know will be supportive of what you like but will also tell you the truth if something doesn't look flattering. There is nothing worse than looking back at your pictures and wondering why someone didn't tell you that your dress did not look good!

  5. I was proposed to in November and I had to plan a wedding the spring break of grad school because I WAS NOT going to be there another semester. I refused. We had a guest list of 500+ and had a budget of $10k, which is NOT a lot, that's actually really low. We managed to do the wedding under $7K, with money left over! My dress was custom made for free! My bridesmaid's got their dresses from eBay for $20 (seriously!) and they loved it.

  6. I'm actually going to wear my mom's wedding dress, so I won't be shopping for a dress! Simple eh? Haha. I don't really have any girlfriends anyway, so I wouldn't have anyone to take shopping!

  7. I have just started wedding dress shopping myself. I brought my mom to my first appointment, but my next one, my sister, maitron of honor and future mother in law will all be there too... I am afraid that might be too many people!!

  8. Also, the bride is all sorts of amazing!
    - her blog!

  9. When my best friend got married, she invited her grandmother and all of her bridesmaids to go dress shopping to the first store. Then when she REALLY went dress shopping, she only brought me (maid of honor), because she knows that I will give her an honest opinion and help out but let her make the decision.

    I will probably bring my mom and my maid of honor (the aforementioned best friend, I'm sure) and maybe my (future) fiance. I'm not very traditional and his opinion matters so much to me.


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