Interior Inspiration!

As we're still getting settled into our new home, we've been looking for a lot of interior inspiration (well, I have at least). The way you decorate a space can really control the way you feel and your overall happiness level. Well, I'd like to think we're pretty happy in our new place. I'd like to paint but we only signed a 6 month lease (though I think we're thinking of staying longer!) so it's not really worth it right now. Instead, I've been carefully putting things on the wall and plotting my next move. Oh, and lurking Sweet Home Style, too! Here are a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of photos I'm loving! 

And 3 of my dream homes! (or... 2.5 maybe?). The last one really takes precedence though...
(all images via Sweet Home Style)

I can't wait to show you our home! (Really.. I'm working on it! Soon!)



  1. wow, i really like photos 2,11 & the wallpaper in photo 14!

    great post.

  2. seriously, all of these rooms are so gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE tree beds (4th picture). They're amazing, and they don't seem that hard to DIY either.
    These are great pictures. Especially the one with the spiral staircase. One of the only things I definitely want in my future home is a spiral staircase. Gahh they're amazing.


  4. a treehouse is one of my dream homes too!! in fact we want a regular (i mean, not really regular, but you know) house aaand a treehouse on this huge property that we plan to someday inhabit.
    also your last photo looks like a house in my would love it here!

  5. I love sweet home style! I can't wait until I can get my own place so I can paint it how I want and decorate how I want.

  6. Meesh: you need to take a picture of it and tell me exactly where it is then! haha i need a house like that in my life! its beauttttiifullll!

  7. Loving all the photos. And those tree houses are awesome.

  8. These are such great inspiration pics! but that last house is SICK! how amazing!!



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