Vintage Camera + Underwater Camera

We finally got some film developed tonight. We found 2 rolls in some ~vintage cameras we picked up at that junk store, but one didn't turn out and the other ended up being a waste of $6 as they were just not cool at all. Oh well! You win some and you lose some! Some of our underwater pictures turned out pretty cool but this was our first time using one so now we know what to and not to do. Maybe we'll give another one a shot sometime... (And yes, I even dared to be in a bathing suit. Well, a top and shorts, as I don't own a proper suit haha) The underwater camera was far from the most flattering thing in the world as it gets us in our bathing attire, my sloshed around makeup and hair, and Mike's wet hair/face. I guess that's part of the appeal though! We had so much fun with it. Mike took his little TIME camera to work with him and shot some photos of the guys around the shop. The film is so incredibly grainy and awesome. Such a contrast to the cool blue of the underwater film! Anyway, here are some photos! I'll save some for after the jump!

R1- 2A

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R1- 0A

And the TIME camera...
R1- 9A
R1- 8A
R1- 6A
R1- 5A
R1- 2A



  1. i work at a water park and i'm surrounded by the under water cameras... cannon actually makes a really awesome casing for their point and shoot cameras that are meant for under water... the photo haus uses them and i ran around one day with one and 'tested' it out... they are so fun!!!

  2. Underwater cameras seem really cool. I would love one!!! :D

  3. Ive never used an underwater cam, they must be hella fun, I think the best pic is the one of both your feets its cute. Mind me asking what brand is the underwater cam??

  4. E-lousians: just a fujifilm from walmart! Like $10 or whatever!

  5. The one of both of your feet in the pool is possibly the best thing I have seen all day!


    PS. You're so gorgeous

  6. I'd love some old cameras! All I have is an old One Step Polaroid but no film for it! Still facinating to have though.
    Thanks for the follow by the way! Much appreciated! x

  7. awwwwww I love all thos pics!!! and you look adorable in that dress ^_^

  8. oops! sorry i thought it was you who joined my followers, it was someone else! ><! x

  9. I go for a two piece (top and shorts) rather than a normal costume or bikini - mainly because in a bikini I would blind people lol.

  10. cute pictures! i might have to invest in an underwater camera.

  11. btw, why does mike have his plugs out?

  12. lizzie: ive seen those! we just don't have much use for a point and shoot so we just buy the disposables! i like the film look more than digital :P i like the surprise!

    eleanor: aw thanks!

    sp: no but i will! :D

    jenna: he has them out because they're wood so we can't get them wet :) the water will crack the bloodwood! and they're like $60 a pair so we don't wanna ruin them! haha

    susannah: it's actually becasue you click on the link of hte post (either through twitter or on the title through your blogger dashboard!) so when you load the whole post, all the pictures show! the jump only works from the main page of! if you view the full blog you'll see the jump! :D <3

  13. cool underwatercamera <3
    i love your style. and blog...:)
    although I have never written a comment.

  14. aww thank you!
    it's! x

  15. wow this post was absolutely awesome! it really makes me want to own an underwater camera case now for my canon :)


    p.s - you look GAWGEOUS


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