Outfit Post : Monday, August 16

Today was a lazy day of the sorts. I didn't have class until 3pm so I lazed around, cut off a hefty chunk of my hair (bangs and layers), and finally made my way to Franklin. After the introduction to Advanced Print 3, I headed to my Dept. Chair's office and we had a portfolio review. We came up with some of the 4 projects I'll be doing this semester for Portfolio 2. Then I have 3 type-heavy projects in Print 3, 3 large projects in Biz for VC, lots of self-promotion and branding in Senior Presentation, and THEN I have like 4 papers and a novel to read in Literature. Basically... the hardest semester of my life. Luckily it's also the last! I wanted to do something with my hair today other than just cut it, but I think I'm going to work on my extensions (soak them, condition them, comb them out and cut them) this week. So you'll probably be seeing me sans-extensions and you'll just have to live with my ratty bit of hair! haha Tomorrow I have to be at school bright and early (9am!) so I have to get up at like 7. Ew!

Anywhoo, I'm not at all in love with this outfit (the bust is big so the ruffles from the shirt give me a very strange shaped top, but still..) yet I wore it. I was sort of lazy in wanting to get dressed today but hopefully tomorrow will be better. :)

Kaelah Outfit 8.16.10
Kaelah Outfit 8.16.10

By the way, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on the Motivation post. Your reassurance was so wonderful and it was exciting to hear what you aspire to! I hope you all reach your goals! (But I know you will!)



  1. Wow sounds like a lot! Good luck with your last semester, I'm sure you'll do great! :)

  2. you will do fine! it is such a great feeling to be almost done with school... that alone will get you through :)

    the dress looks great with your tattoos! love it!


  3. Think about it this way, though! For you, maybe you look sloppy, but it's still ten times better than those girls who think it's okay (and I suppose it is... :P) to show up for school/work/anything in nasty, unwashed clothes, baggy jeans and tacky shirts with rude messages on them... No matter what you do, Kaelah, you always stand out, and that's something to be proud of!

    xoxo, Daisy Lola.

  4. HOLEY MOLEY! i love this outfit. oh so much!
    and i love your blog!! i wanted to stop by {being a fellow zine writer} and i can't get enough of your blog!
    also i live in franklin tn!! so crazzy!
    hope you're having a wonderful day! xo

  5. this outfit is soo cute!!

  6. Oh ! I love ur dress :)
    You're so pretty !

    Ur blog is great ♥

    M ♥

  7. I JUST got this dress Saturday! There was only one and it was 7$. It was such a score. I am in love with it! I am so glad to see that you have it. You accessorize very well and it definitely inspires me!

  8. you look great!
    I love that dress, and you look sweet <3

  9. you look great girl!


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