Outfit Post: Saturday, August 14

Today's outfit isn't even relevant anymore as I stripped it off the moment I walked into the door and changed into something else. It was just one of those days. It just didn't look right! Granted we shot less than a quarter of the frames we normally do (Mike just click, click, clicks), but it wasn't him and it wasn't me that was off... it was the outfit. I think this dress is the most darling thing ever. Give me polka dots, and add a cinched belt and the colors red, white and blue and boy oh boy, you've got a happy Kaelah! But unfortunately I wasn't aware of how unflattering it is on me! The slink of the sleeves, the kimono-style silhouette, and the low-waist. I've got a short torso and a tiny tiny bust.... so the kimono-esque top only adds a lot of bulk up there. Then it goes in at my waist, and flares back out at my hips. Making me look like a very very busty hourglass, which I'm simply not. (Let's face it, I'm a pear. And I'm okay with that haha). This dress sort of showed me what I'd look like had I much larger, err, lady lumps? Haha, awkward!  Anyway, I think this dress looks so perfect on so many other girls, but I just don't think I pull it off the way they do. I feel like the #1 most important rule of dressing yourself is dressing for your body type, and to me, this just didn't cut it. I've only ever worn this dress once (here) so I'm thinking I'm just going to sell it to a lovely gal who can rock it out.

If you're interested in buying it (the belt is included), shoot me an email: kaelahbee@gmail.com. It's an H&M size 10. I can't bear having it in my closet (because it's so cute and I desperately want it to work!) but I also can't bear the thought of selling it to Plato's Closet for like $2 when it's brand new! Anyway, there's only one picture today (but look! No black flats! Huzzah! I'm so incredibly pale.... oh my.)

Kaelah Outfit 8.14.10

{Outfit Details o8.14.1o}
{Dress + Belt: H&M $35}
{Shoes: Ecote for Urban Outfitters $48}

Rather than wear the polka-dot frock, I'm an outfit repeater! I threw on this dress with this cardigan and I'm going to go about my day... in black flats. Hey, I tried! I have a lot to do today (most of yesterday's list didn't get completed), but I started my day much too early and packed up Mike's lunch for him while he was still snoozin. I'm going to try to get up to Nashville today before work but no promises! I hope you're all having a fun weekend!



  1. haha i wore that dress to work today and i can totally relate! Everytime i wear it it just doesn't feel right even though it is, indeed such a cute dress! i wore it with a brown leather belt tho, 'cause the red one feels so... i dunno too perfect?

  2. It is a very cute dress. Too bad I'm not a size 10! And I don't think it looks bad on you. But then again, different perception.

    And there's nothing wrong with being pale. You won't look like a leather handbag when you're 40.

  3. Hey Kaelah,

    How much would you want for the dress?


  4. love the unicorns! i waaaant them! :)

    love, polly

  5. I know this is kindof late, but I work at h&m and they should give you store credit (even without the receipt) for the dress.

  6. Anon: I know :( sadly the closest is like 500 miles from me! :(

  7. Did you eventually sell this dress?

  8. @ Ruby no I still have it actually. Email if you'd like it! Kaelahbee at gmail dot com


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