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Two fun things to post about in just one entry! I don't know if this little blog can handle all of the excitement! Well, first off, you might have seen some lovely ladies around the blogosphere a'buzz with some fun little news! We just launched our very own 'zine! The 'zine is a 14-page 'zine full of DIY, recipes, tips to building a great blog, and lots of other goodies! Can't give it all away here! And guess what?! You can order your very own hard-copy straight to your door for $4 + $1 shipping! (That's domestic!) Don't worry, international friends! We've got you covered, too! Over in my left sidebar you will see two Buy It Now buttons! Click the second one! (It's $4 + $2.50 shipping!) This is just the first issue so you better bet that it's just going to get better and better from here! Help support the printed word and snag a copy! (It'll be worth something someday!)

Here's how it works: 
We will be accepting pre-orders until September 1. After that date, the zine's will be printed and shipped right to your front door!!

The cost for the 'zine is $4 an issue and $1 for shipping of course.
All you have to do to pre-order your copy is click on the "Buy Now" button below!!

It seems that I'm having some technical difficulties with the PayPal button so hop on over to Janel's post and buy it! Her button works! haha CLICK HERE to buy! (You can buy the 'zine from my left-hand sidebar! International readers, too!)

Let me know if you decide to grab one up! You will NOT regret it!

As for other exciting news, Kaelah's Closet has re-launched! This time we've got our own blog (because photobucket was a bit tricky!) There are only 26 items up for grabs right now but I'll be adding more as the days/weeks pass! All you've gotta do is leave your PayPal address in the comments of what you want, or shoot me an email at KaelahsCloset@gmail.com and I can combine shipping for you, too! Feel free to ask any questions that you may have! CLICK HERE to visit Kaelah's Closet!

It's that time of month, too! I'm still accepting sponsors for the month of September, but there are only 3 spots left! Snag one up by clicking on the "Sponsor KaelahBee" button over in the right sidebar! Email me and we'll get the ball rolling! I've purchased a large ad on Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess, for the month September and she's unveiling her new layout to her 10,000+ followers! Get in on the action! 

Don't worry, I have a Mixtape post to be doing soon! If I don't get it up tonight, it'll go up tomorrow! I also have a fun Sponsor Giveaway coming up! 4 chances to win some goodies! Yay!



  1. is there a link to this because that banner is not working

  2. Anon: oops! here you go: http://kaelahscloset.blogspot.com

  3. YAY! Of course I'm pre ordering. Done and Done! I can't wait to see it :)

    xo. Kyla

  4. I LOVE zines, and have worked on a few over the years! I would love to have one :]

  5. Love the idea for that 'zine! It's great! =)

  6. Well done with the 'Zine :)!

    Was just wondering how much the international fee is on the clothing?
    I spy a dress that's pretty darn cute :) hehe

  7. finding me: it depends on the item and the country i'm shipping to. everything is a different weight and different packages cost different prices, but i try to always give the cheapest rate possible! just let me know what yoer' interested in and where it's shipping!

  8. Oops sorry I was rather vague....... It's the Twill dress and Shipping would be to the Uk :)

  9. finding me: $22 total (that includes all shipping and such!) the twill dress is pretty heavy and UK shipping costs more than like NZ (weird, right?!) but yeah! the dress is in PERFECT shape and has only been worn once! (as pictured haha)

  10. just pre-ordered! cannot wait to see all the goodies inside! (:

  11. just ordered one! :)


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