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I found out about Stick Up For Love via Jinx when she blogged about it several weeks ago. I popped over, checked it out, and promptly emailed Chelle about getting involved. Soon after I had a pretty little packet of stickers waiting in my mailbox for me to stick up places and take photos of. (Chelle was kind enough to send me a pack to NYC and to TN, so expect more photos from that soon... well, when I get my new lens!) Anywhoo, it's a fun little project she's doing for a not-so-fun reason. We've all experienced heartbreak before, right? Well, if you haven't, you probably will at least once in your life. It's nothing to be scared of. It's an experience that will shape you into someone much more capable to handle life's blows. This is Chelle's way of coping. I'll let her explain it to you..

Tell us a little about yourself and your project:
In January, I underwent a very difficult break up. I guess in some ways I was expecting the break up. What I was neither expecting, nor prepared for was my reaction to it. I cried. A lot. I cried in my sleep, I cried in the shower, I cried in my car, I cried at work, I cried at restaurants..anywhere I went, I ended up crying. After a few weeks of non-stop crying, I began trying to pick up the pieces. That's when I decided to start Stick Up for Love - an idea I'd been thinking of, even prior to our breakup, to show him how very much I love him. After our breakup, my ex began having a difficult time in his life, and there wasn't really anything that I could do for him. That's when I really put the project into motion. 

The basic idea of this project is simple: I've made stickers that represent pieces of our relationship. I have been sending these stickers out to people all over the world, in hopes that they will photograph them around their areas, and email photos back to me. These photos are being collected now, and will eventually wind up in a book which I give to the ex. 

What do you hope to accomplish with Stick Up For Love?
The goal of Stick Up for Love has always been to get photographs of my stickers all over the world. As far as what I want to accomplish with this project, it varies. Some days, I consider it a way to say farewell and others I wonder if this could be a stepping stone to rekindling our friendship. For right now, the best answer I can give you is that.. in the end, I hope to have made an incredible book full of wonderful photographs, which makes at least one person smile - hopefully more!

Has this project helped you overcome the initial heartbreak? What have you learned?
It has helped quite a bit in the healing process. We all know there's no real cure for a broken heart, but time marches on and the sharpness begins to fade little by little.  This project has also helped to restore my faith in humanity. I get a lot of emails about this project, and so often they are from someone who's just gone through a terrible breakup from which they are trying to pick up the pieces and mend themselves back together. It's so easy, these days, to be cynical - to say 'F-it' and worry only about ourselves. This project has shown me that everyone - without regard to race, religion, sexual preference or whatever else we allow to divide us - everyone can relate to heartbreak. 

Where are some of the places your stickers have seen?
I've sent stickers to a great deal of places. I haven't received photos back from everyone yet, of course, and some I may never hear from again. However, I've gotten some great photos from Mexico; Canada, London, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, China and more! It's always interesting to see what people come up with, and what it looks like where others live.

How long do you see yourself doing this project?
I plan to finish it in time to give as a gift at the end of this year

What are your plans for the future, with both the project and life in general?
As far as the project - I am going to finish it up towards the end of this year. I'll be compiling the best photos into a book, but I will give him every photo ever taken for this project, most likely on a disc.  The day I mail it off, I have tentative plans to fly down south to meet a great friend, and have a short vacation from it all, as well.

Life in general.. well, right now I'm pretty focused on my job, which I am pretty intent on turning into a career. I've also learned, through this project, that I've wasted a ton of time being afraid to try new things. So, that's also what I'm spending time doing - I've recently tried zumba classes and bought a pair of roller skates!

How can other people get involved?
To join the project and get stickers, a quick email (including a snail mail address) to: stickupforlove@gmail.com is all it takes.

Right now, I'm having a contest (http://www.stickupforlove.com/2010/08/stick-up-for-love-is-having-contest.html) through November 1, for the most creative photos taken with my stickers. So it's a great time to get involved. If you don't want to give me your snail mail address, let me know - I can email you documents with my stickers on them, and you can print 'em yourself.

Aside from that - I need help spreading the word! So if nothing else, I'd love for anyone to do a little blurb about me on their blog, or toss a link, or even just tell your friends.

Thanks, Kaelah.. and everyone! <3


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  6. Thank you so much, Kaelah, and everyone else! I've got a ton of emails to comb through <3

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