Outfit Post : Monday, August 9

Last night Mike and I ventured to Brentwood to his friend Justin's house for a vegetarian potluck with some people they both work with at REI. I was a bit out of my element as the only person I knew there was Mike and they were all super outdoorsy and bike-literate. Then here I sit... in my floral dress with a look of "HUH?" on my face. Actually, it was nothing like that. It was such a wonderful little get-together and there were so many different types of people. I had a blast. Everyone was very kind and friendly, and the food was delicious. We got home around 11pm and so we laid on the couch and watched a made-for-tv-movie (Wild Child with Emma Roberts)... and by we watched I really mean I watched as Mike slept next to me. Sleep and wake. Story of my life it seems.

Today we loaded up and went to another new photoshoot location. This time it was at a pseudo park type thing at the Spring Hill Battleground (?!) We had plans to head up to this amazing barn but we realized our high-noon timing of the sun was not friendly with that idea. We shot some photos around the bridge and pretty flowers, then headed to Goodwill (and left empty handed). Now we're at home and about to enjoy some vegan spring rolls (seriously.. the best!) and focaccia with hummus for lunch. No idea what our plans are for the rest of the day but it's not even 2pm yet so I'm sure we'll find something! We shot some disposable pictures too (and SplitCam ones!) so I'll have those posted when we get them developed!

Oh! And someone who took the survey said so many nice things, and then suggested I get a new camera for the quality of my photos have been lacking... and I know several of you (myself included) have noticed the pixelation on some of the outfit photos! I hate that something as simple as that can cause them to look so cheaply produced but I THINK I found the culprit! (Of course I thought I had before but turns out I was wrong! Eep!) It seems that photos I upload with Flickr are the only ones that pixelate, so I'm still going to upload my outfit photos onto Flickr, but I will be posting them from my photobucket account. This will hopefully alleviate any of the viewing troubles we seem to be having. It's just unfortunate that my nice Nikon DSLR camera looks like it's a point-and-shoot when Flickr messes up! But don't worry, survey-taker and readers alike, I will solve the problem! :D Thanks to everyone who has taken the survey so far! I'm working on some stuff that I think you'll be pleased with! (BTW, please let me know if they still appear to be pixelated for you!)

{Outfit Details o8.o9.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 $25}
{Cardigan: Forever 21 $23}
{Flats: Kmart $13}

Stay tuned for the Mixtape Monday coming up shortly!


PS; Megan helped let me in on what was causing the pixelation! Huzzah! It will be fixed from here on out and we won't have that problem anymore! (and my photos won't look crappy! woohoo!)


  1. Your hair looks really pretty pinned back like that! :)

  2. I love the hair pinned back and LOVE that dress!!! So cute! Work it out KB!!!

  3. I luv the outfit and the polaroids pics <3

  4. "Wild Child".
    My boyfriend thinks that's a great film.
    Haha. It's one of those films that's so bad, it's good. Although a part of me hates the whole, "British people do nothing but play hockey and eat partridge". Although I think the film intended to poke fun at Americans just as much so it's all good :)

  5. i love what you did with your hair!

  6. your hair looks amazing in these pictures..as do you! :) i forgot to tell you i got your wonderful packages a while ago...loved it. (putting things together to send one to you in Good Ole Rocky Top..) xoox

  7. that potluck sounds fun!
    all your talk about flickr and photobucket and pixelations make my head spin :) mostly because it confuses me and my computer challenged mind...
    cute outfit!

  8. I really love your hair like this so much! Soo pretty!

  9. i love the cute little detail on your dress (:


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