Outfit Post : Thursday, August 12

Last night Mike made a deeeeelish pasta dish [I'll share the recipe later tonight!] and I spent time in my studio a bit. Then we hit the hay. I had to get up at a crazy time of 7:30am [okay, thats probably late for some of you... but I like to sleep until 8:30 or 9.. c'mon!] and I rushed to get ready [didn't wash my hair... it needs it after that pool yesterday!] and Mike rushed out the door with me to take some outfit photos at the abandoned house down the road. I only have 3 decent [and by decent I really mean just 1 picture with very slight differences] photos so I'll only post 2 [one would just be lonely!].

Kaelah Outfit 8.12.10
Kaelah Outfit 8.12.10

{Outfit Details o8.12.1o}
{Dress: Urban Outfitters $68}
{Tights: c/o We Love Colors}
{Flats: Kmart $13}

At this very moment I am sitting in my first class of the semester [of my last semester of art school EVER!]. And by first class I mean Business for VisCom and there's only 5 of us in here. THIS is why I love O'More! The teacher is rad and I've enjoyed his teaching style in the past so I'm sure great things will result from here. I have a break after this class [which is supposed to end at 10:40am] until I have Literature at 1pm [I'm not looking forward to that... well, I adore the teacher, but I'm not a big lit-reader. Maybe that'll change!] Then I have a Skype date with the lovely ladies that I'm doing a Zine with! I hope you guys will snag one up when we launch it! More about that later!

Off to be a good student! Au revoir! 



  1. ok, we should totally be friends. i almost went to o'more, before i scared myself silly by viewing the student gallery and left, haha, and i'm a fellow TN gal - we pretty much rock. plus, you have pretty hair, which is a prerequisite for new friends ;)

    hope school goes well!

  2. oh my! I love that dress!!! good luck this semester! ^.^

  3. I gotta keep saying this lets trade closet!!!! Luvely dress, your class sounds like fun, and lit yum im a bookworm, I hope you find it fun.

  4. this outfit is sooooo cute! I really love that dress

  5. Aww I miss school! I always loved getting new notebooks and pens and stuff, even through college. Maybe I'll buy some for nostaligia's sake.


  6. i love the blue on blue outfit! i can't wait to read about your dinner recipe later.

  7. Enjoy your time at college - I so wish that I was still at uni - I miss my uni buds everyday! ARGH!!

    You look gorgeous today - You look fab everyday lol

  8. You have so many rad dresses and tights!

  9. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your dress! It's so cute! How do you people find such cute things at UO? Lucky. It suits you well. :)

  10. that dress is seriously cute... and i love it paired with your we love colors tights! :)

  11. that's such a lovely dress (:
    oooh good luck with this semester.
    hope it all goes well. & the zine sounds fun.

  12. Hi there!
    Just saw your pics on chictopia..you have a great collection of dresses. And a lovely blog!
    But to be honest, I looooove your hair most! Yes to redheads, hehe :)

    Love, Diana
    Songs and Fairy Tales


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